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L.A girl matte flat velvet lipstick review & swatches!

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I am here today to have a little talk about the new L.A girl matte lipsticks. Something I really love about these lipsticks is that they are cruelty free, I didn't know this until I really looked into the L.A girl brand. Its a fantastic thing to really have on a brand!

There are 26 shades in this collection. Below is a swatch of the range I found online (sorry if its a bit blurry!)

Below are the two colours I purchased. I am starting with just two at this stage and plan to eventually purchase a few more as I go and build up my collection , of course I will branch out to there other lip products soon enough also!

Although these two shades below look very similar on there outer lipstick case they really do swatch completely differently. I find that if my lips are already a little bit dry these do dry it out to the point of being uncomfortable which is a bit annoying but its fine as I normally wear a good Chapstick when I don't have any lipstick on. Other than that for something of this cost there really isn't any down side, there is not much to lose when it comes to this brand. You will find at least one or more shades in this stunning collection of 26 so why not?!? I have found ALOT of places in New Zealand but also worldwide stock this brand so it seems very accessible . 

I had heard of the L.A brand previously and to be honest had never looked into it as much as I really should of . Upon going into my local discount/outlet make up store I noticed there display because it had a super gorgeous eye shadow pallet which had the exact shades I was after (more to come on that one!) . I was scanning around and noticed a serious lack of lip products, to me this was so odd as they had foundation in liquid and powder plus numerous other goodies. So I went back home and found out about the matte lipstick products, this brand makes, which as to that day lipstick products are my new thing, whoop whoop!

The product description on the website is:

Introducing our hottest new lip color -Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick.

These 26 bold shades are rich in pigment and filled with moisture in a flat velvet finish. With added shea butter to hydrate lips and a soft, smooth application, your lips will feel as gorgeous as they look!

I find this to be pretty true! I am at the moment not finding these lipsticks as hydrating as I would like but it is winter here!

Today I tried the Matte lipstick shade Snuggle. It is beautiful!
I had my reservations towards trying this brand as its a new brand to me so I wasn't sure what it was like quality wise. The price is great , I spent $9.52 NZ on each lipsticks from the discount store here in NZ , let me know if you would like the link if you are in New Zealand!

It was also a new type of shade for me. Its a browny/nude/pink type colour which I have only ever stayed in the pink sort of range that is fairly close to my own lip shade.

I loved this so so much. I put it on at 7.30 am and found it was harder to use on my cupids bow as it doesnt have as sharp of an angle that im used to so far. Eventually and slowly I got there putting this on my lips without a lip liner. As it was the first time using this I wanted to not use lip liner to see how it lasts and if there are any issues I need to be aware of. I probably shouldnt have picked a work day for that haha!

It turned out well my friends. The texture is lovely and smooth but I found it wasnt to creamy, I would say that this is because the formula is designed to be a matte lipstick rather than a standard lipstick. I have previously found other brands lipsticks that are matte to be creamy also.

I had not read any reviews when it came to how long this would last and if it had good staying power so I was quite unsure what to expect, sometimes I think that that is actually the best way to use a product.

The second lip colour I purchased was the shade Hush, I wear this one more compared to Snuggle which I thought would be the other way around for me based on online swatches but OMG I love love love this colour alot. It is up there with one of my go to colours and I have been carrying it around in my hand bag. I found that this was just as easy to apply once getting used to the lipstick shape .Also both of the lipsticks have this sultry type of vanilla/hazelnut scent, I have never come accross this scent before but oh my its yummy



The top shade is Hush and the bottom is snuggle

You can find out more about the L.A girl brand and also all the different shades here

Have you tried this brand? What's your favourite shade? Have any budget brands you love?
Let me know!

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That's all for today everyone, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Happy weekend!


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