Saturday, 29 August 2015

Teen choice awards -men

Hi All! Sorry its been a bit longer than planned since I have posted! I thought I would at least finish up what I had already started! So here is my opinion on the mens fashion choices for the recent teen choice awards event!

 Michael J. Willett , ok so I have no idea who this person is at all but I am not fond of there outfit! Its just a bit to much black for me. Just my opinion but I love at least some sort of pop of colour in outfits..especially when its comes to wearing black.

 Skylar Astin , I love this! The only thing I would change would be the length of the pants! Everything else is great, I like the jacket, the shades of colour compliment each other.

 Josh Peck. This outfit would have been completely fine , if it was not all matching. I think with Suits the only time matching really works is for black suits. I would have changed the shade if not the colour of the pants!

 Nash Grier , I hate this outfit! I understand how it could be seen as fashionable as its a bit 90's and worn features are a 'thing' right now. I will never wear this type of fashion, ever.

 Austin Mahone , I have like this half don't. If the jacket and top maybe were not as long maybe it would have looked really nice and relaxed. Even though I am all for the longer outfits (More so dresses/tunics) it still needs to be a good look!
 Wiz Khalifa , NO NO NO. Just NO. I don't need to say more.

 Flo Rida , I don't know whats going on here with a lot of people, maybe its me but seriously whats going on with everyone's outfits! I super hate the pants!

John Stamos, 2015 Teen Choice Awards John Stamos , I like this for more of a weekend style out and about look. Not really for something like an event. Even from what I can see its a relaxed fun event , you should still not look like you are going to the supermarket.

 Jason Derulo , I do like this apart from the trim on the jacket. Everything else (apart from the pants length) I do like!

 Gregg Sulkin , No idea who this is at all but my favorite so far. Everything goes really well together! No bad comment at all!

Hope you all enjoy this, come back for more over the next week! Check out my other posts and let me know what you think as you go! 


Saturday, 22 August 2015

Teen Choice Awards -Women

Happy weekend all! 

Today I wanted to post up some pictures of the latest Teen choice awards. I have picked a few people that are mainly people I follow in there career and because I also like the fashion choices! 

Shay Mitchell , 2015 Teen Choice Awards   Shay Mitchell, oh I really like her in PLL as you would probably know if you follow some of my other posts. I really like when she wears lighter colours as they really suit her, I would have loved to pair this with a dark lipstick. I'm not the biggest fan of the design itself as its a bit to much for my liking and for the awards she is at I think she could have gone with showing a tad less bit of skin. She has a great figure though so may aswell flaunt it!

 Britney Spears, I really like Britney in general and have liked her right from the start of her music career but I really really don't like this outfit at all! I think it's unflattering and is showing wwwaaayyy to much of her chest! I don't like the multi coloured hair either...just saying.

 Nina Dobrev, oh I love me some Nina! She is a very talented person, I dislike the outfit though. Compared to her other fashion choices over the years I think she could have really picked something else. The outfit is just a bit all over the place for me!

 Ellen Degeneres & Portia De Rossi. Very beautiful people! I don't like either fashion choice but I like these two so much I won't comment further!

 Lea Michele , maybe it's just me but is there something a bit odd going on with everyone's choices? Maybe everyone is just trying to be different? This outfit is more like girl who goes to prom and wants to stand out in a cute dress rather than the awards.. I like Lea though, seriously . 

 Rita Ora, no no no. Power suit yea but not the colour and cut of this one. I think this is super unflattering to every part of her body! I would like something like a classy black with a white trim and maybe just not as tight, that could be the fabric choice to!

 Sarah Hyland , I like this outfit. I would for sure tweek it though, maybe change the colour and make the shorts not as high in the waist, then I think it would be really nice!

 Emma Roberts, same with this outfit. In general it is nice but I would like it if it's black maybe with just little bursts of colour. 

 Lucy Hale, yay Lucy! I like this outfit. It could have really turned into something just a bit to much but with sheer fabric around the bust it really helped and improved it. Maybe it a bit more suitable I think . I like this colour and style on her!

 Claudia Sulewski, I recently have started following Claudia on YouTube and really enjoy seeing what she does! This outfit though I really don't like! It maybe would have worked with a colour change .

 Vanessa Ray, although I find this outfit just to low cut in the bust I like the general style of it! I do like the cutouts just under the bust,surprising flattering. 

 Haley Ramm, I really like this girl! The outfit itself is lovely. Nice and flattering and not over the top ,I think it shows a nice balance for someone young that doesn't NEED to be oh lala look at me .

Well thats all for this one today folks! Check but during the week for the second half of this which is based on the fashion choices of the men!


Monday, 17 August 2015

5 reasons I like/dislike Kylie Jenners fashion

Happy weekend for you all!

I am starting to explore what I want on my blog so get ready to see different posts and post topics! Today's post I wanted to discuss something that I am seeing almost daily, Kylie Jenner. She is very much a hot topic right now which is fair enough , she has so much going on in her life and I don't know how she does it! I guess because she has some sort of team behind her helping and doing what they can to make things a bit easier for her. She also has the backing of her famous family plus money. Do not get me wrong, she seems to work hard for what she has. 

So I wanted to discuss her fashion choices. She has many! Some I love, Some I hate. Shes just turned 18....I don't know any 18 year olds that look and dress like that! I would love to have her body though haha! I love the way she dresses and seems to feel confident in her body which is so good for a women , the only reason I dislike it is because I am totally jealous!

Number one: I love love love this dress. This to me is one of my favorite looks for Kylie. She doesn't HAVE to show skin to look pretty and fashionable. If she wasn't actually posing for the camera and maybe had a bit less makeup on I would say that this is her most 'common person' look. As in she wouldn't stand out as someone famous in a crowd. She would look like a pretty young girl that's out for the night with her friends enjoying herself. The heavy makeup look I am seeing more and more lately with people between 16-20 , I am personally not the biggest fan of heavy makeup as I just don't suit it .

Number two: I really like this look. This is my favorite look for her makeup wise as she looks so near her age with less makeup on. She isn't over posing in the picture and is dressed in a normal weekend look with just a top and jeans. Nothing fancy at all! If I was ever to say anything to her it is to dress more like this, shes young and in 10 years she wont look like this, make the most of it! let your skin be free and live up being young!

Number three: I like this color on her but I don't really like how tight it is! I am all for outfits not being to tight, maybe that's just me because I am an everyday kind of girl that likes to be comfortable. This is not the type of dress you could pig out and eat a yummy meal in...honestly, it looks expensive so you wouldn't want to spill stuff on it. And what if you got bloated in it! There is no room for that!

Number four: Ok , even though this is a bit of a tight dress again its so different and I really like it! The color suits her skin tone a lot and I love that she went with blonde hair for it to. Its got little cutouts in it that from what I can see just have a nude type of material instead of a full cutout. This is one of her birthday party dresses and it looks so special! It was a good choice!

Number five: Ok, I feel a bit on/off about this one. Good for her that she can feel great wearing this, a lot of people could not pull it off and she can. I think its extremely revealing though. I am not a fan of this style, it is retro which is the fashion as its fairly 80's ish but I personally do not like the high cut leg/hip cutouts, I don't think it will ever be a style that I like. It really shows her in a more grown up light I think as well which is probably what she was going for but I still think Its a bit much for a 18 year old!

That is my thoughts for now! I hope that you all are enjoying the new style blogs. I am really enjoying writing them.