Monday, 23 May 2016

My top 10 favorites from the Billboard music awards 2016!

Hi all,

Well here we are, the Billboard music awards! There are so many things on right now and I am loving it! Here are my 10 fashion picks for this year.


Demi Lovato, 2016 Billboard Music Awards


I really like this for Demi! I like it more than the outfit she picked for the Met Gala. Although normally I would find the eye makeup way to powerful it compliments her outfit so well! I find the bra-let very cute, if there wasn't the lace detailing over her stomach I would hate it but its a really nice point of difference for her outfit!


Ok, this is three in one but oh well! Im not a fan of the outfit Kathryn Hahn is wearing, its just not my thing. In general the cut of the outfit I think suits her but the multi textures and colors I dont like. 

I really like the top half bust of Kristen Bell's outfit. Its very cute and has wonderful detail around the bust that really suits her small frame. I wish there was something more interesting for her pants.

I really like the outfit Mila Kunis is wearing! Its so cute! I feel she can pull this type of outfit where others cant. The detailing is wonderful! Normally I would find the two differences of bust and skirt awful but this really works.


Im not a fan of the pattern of the fabric on this dress. The cutouts look like they may have some sort of light mesh or sheer type fabric on them which I think really works as its not to fleshy that way. I adore the make of this outfit for her body type, it flatters her a lot. I would have loved this in a different pattern. It would look wonderful in red!


On anyone else I would hate this, but on Lucy Hale I really love it! The red of the top really suits her and the fabric is the right sheer that is not to intense or risky. I adore the skirt. I am not a fan of the leotard type look at all but I love this skirt so much that I dont mind. The detail that someone has put into the skirt is just amazing. I like that they have also chosen black, the color combination has worked out so well.


Ok, so this is one of those things I really love AND really hate! I like the idea of this outfit, I like the jacket. I dont like the pants, but only for one reason. They are tucked in/ they have some form of elastic around them. While gathered pants can look really cool, I myself own a pair or two of them this really doesn't look good to me. But on the other side it would look really plain without the gathering. I has a point of difference this way.


As I have found a fair bit throughout this post I am really enjoying peoples choices but I am really hating on the fabric of things. This is one of them. The fabric choice and maybe even color doesnt give this outfit the justice it deserves. She has a really great body and really suits the cut of this outfit but I dont think the shiny fabric suits her well, at least not in this occasion.


Ok I really love this! I dont like her eye makeup, I would have liked more natural makeup with her hair down as that is my favorite type of look from her. I like Jessica in really cute things as she seems to have such a cute personality . So this dress suits her alot! I like the slight sheer / cutout effect of the dress. It doesn't make it to intense but catches your eye!


Is it just me or is this cool? Its so different especially for a women to wear! I like Kesha in purple and her hair its current shade. I like this choice for it being bold and eye catching. I would have liked maybe a different embellishment pattern in the gold, maybe not as much? I dont know, but I really like this choice.


The only downfall in this outfit for me in the shoes. I really like how new and fresh the outfit is. Also I find that its nice and casual to but is very much his style. I am in love with his jacket! The color is awesome!


You guys , I love this! I do find maybe its a bit to much skin but Britney actually pulls this off so well thats its not disgusting. I think for the knickers she could have maybe had something that covered a bit more but the lace pattern of the rest of her outfit covers this nicely. I LOVE the train and the shoes. I think this is most likely one of my most favorite outfits Britney Spears has ever worn!

Ok, thats all for tonight! Hope you are all keeping warm or staying cool wherever you are reading this from!


Sunday, 22 May 2016

Essence long lasting lipstick review

Hi all!,

Today its a very windy and wet day so I have been lucky enough to have a 'me' day with blankets and heat and a nice dose of T.V before the work week begins again! Today I thought it would be great to do a little review on some Essence lip sticks that I am really enjoying right now!

The following are the Essence long lasting lipsticks - I will have them linked down below.
If you follow my blogs or Instagram you will know that I am obsessed with affordable beauty products and am always discovering what I like and dislike when it comes to colors, consistencies, longevity and in general what works for my skin shade and type. All in all as most people will know this is a process.

When I was little and I thought of lipstick all that was in my head is the gloppy thick lipstick that got on your teeth and looked disgusting when it left its mark on a cup you were drinking out of. I do not know why at such a young age I thought lipstick was disgusting and unusable but I did. So then I had never ever thought of actually using it on myself as an adult.

Then one lovely day when stalking out the Essence stall at my local farmers instead of my eyes passing by the lipsticks the packaging caught my eye. It was nice and sleek, just plain black with a pop of color which was the shade of the lip stick. My mind started swirling and the little light in my brain went ping! I decided then and there I needed these in my life, I needed to try them, I must have them.

Before this time I had tried a few lipsticks when I felt brave but hated the consistency and the shades of the ones I looked at and never really knew where to look, since I didn't want to spend a lot of money to begin with (I hate wasting money!) .

So these were perfect. Essence have a few different types of lipsticks, Liquid , sheer and shine and long lasting . At least so far! I am aware that they have recently done some matte lipsticks but I have a feeling that is a part of the long lasting lipstick brand they have currently going. Unfortunately I have not seen this in New Zealand as yet. I very desperately want the matte lipsticks in my life!

So today I really wanted to talk about these ones that I adore, I have not actually been able to go a full day without wearing one of these. There is always at least one in my handbag.

The product description: longlasting love… you simply have to fall in love with the longlasting lipsticks by essence. the lipsticks provide your lips with intensive color for several hours without drying them out. you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for – from bright pink to intensive red and chilled-out berry to subtle nude shades. the essence logo on the texture and the matt, black packaging with a ring of color to match the actual color of the lipstick are true eye-catchers!

Top: 07 Natural Beauty
Middle: 11 Nude Love
Bottom: 13 Love me

I have tried these colors that I have with and without lip liner as I had heard some horror story's of wearing lipstick without lip-liner and I can safely say these are completely fine with or without.

I was very tempted to get the full range of colors they have but didn't want to risk having something I am never ever going to use so I just went with the colors I feel I would use that will complement my skin (at least in my option) . As my goal is to use these a lot , not just every once and while for a special occasion. Whats the point of having makeup just sit there, right?!?!

I find the 07 Natural Beauty color is my favorite out of what I have so far. It is very close to the natural color of my lips so its perfect for the days I just need a little pop to my lips!

This range I find is not drying at all on me, I have no issue with it being on my lips. It doesn't cause any type of irritation to me . I have sensitive skin in general but nothing from the Essence brand has caused any irritation which is great!

 This range is very creamy to begin with when putting it on and is very easy to smooth over my lips and to get in to place even in the little curves on my lips where I have had issues with other products not being able to do so.

It is a great thickness, not to thin that its sheer but not thick enough that you really really feel it on you. Once it is on your lips and it drys a little (around 30 seconds for me) you do not notice that is it there, you can go about your normal day without a worry.

I have never had it get on my teeth ,maybe that is magic, maybe its the formulation, maybe its just my lips being fabulous . But its just great for that reason alone, I am determined not to be the lipstick on teeth person.

Is it lasting? Well yes, in a way. Depends what you class as lasting really. If I didn't eat or drink at all yes it would last ,I think it would actually last a whole work day if I did not do so. But I eat and drink. I do try and be as careful as I can but its not that easy! If I drink out of a cup yes it definitely transfers , out of a straw for the most part it does not transfer which is great!. Eating it does transfer but maybe I am just messy?

In general I think the formula of this product is wonderful ,especially for the cost I really would have expected it to not work out well for me but it's great.

They have made some really wonderful colors and I think a great range to suit every skin tone. The colors are vibrant and consistent , they don't look patchy .

The colour pay off is just amazing and I find it's very pigmented. Just what I need!

To view these lipsticks online click here.

These are lipsticks that I know I will fully use up and need more of. I plan to continue to support the Essence brand by buying and using these as its such a great company with great values. I cannot wait for more colors and different formulas to come out!

Do you wear Essence lip products?
Know of great budget beauty products that are available easy for purchase?

If you have any questions or thoughts do let me know!

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Monday, 16 May 2016

My top 6 worst dressed at the Met Gala 2016

Hi all!

Well I was having a little look through all the fashion events and other events of late (so many!) And came across a few I personally dislike ALOT but also, it seems a lot of people also dislike! So I thought well why not do a dislike post! Not sure if I will do it for other events at this stage or just this special one! Enjoy!

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Here we go!

ESC: Irina Shayk, MET Gala 2016

Irina Shayk

Ok I assume she wanted us to see her underwear,right? I like the actual garment itself, the sleeves are cute , its flattering etc etc but I do not get the see through look OR the pattern on the material. If it was just one color that had no pattern at all that would be good I think. Don't get me wrong ,if you have a great body awesome ,go you. But still....unless you are wearing some awesome leotard type thing which is in right now we really don't need to see that I right?


Jeepers! There is a lot going on in this! In general I really like the bust shaping, its very flattering . And the actual design of the outfit is great! I assume the multiple fabric type is to try and fit in with the theme. I don't know if it has fitted with the theme or not. It's different!


Eeekk the featherish type of thing going on is a no go for me. I've never been a fan of it and probably never will be! Why!?!?!


Holy moly you guys, what is that! Who chose it! Why! I really really don't like this at all! It's almost a bargain fabric bin dive and tried to make something with it all and it didn't turn out the way you wanted but you want to wear it because you worked so hard type of thing!


Goodness! I hate that Demi is on this list. I am a Demi fan, she is great and strong and seems really cool. But this outfit belongs on this list. It's just not good, in any way. I'm so sad she chose this.


Originally I didn't mind this dress, not liked but didn't mind. But then! I noticed as well as a fabric pattern its actually see through...I literally thought that was part of the design and fabric, not actually see through...silly me. Its awful, just awful! I do not feel its flattering to her body shape, but it also doesn't have a logical explanation of why you would wear it, it for a theme! Gah!

P.s I secretly actually love bad fashion, I like that it gets talked about, that people have free ideas and get to make them come true. And that someone has put in such hard work into an outfit to make it come true . Do you know how hard it can be to make even just one outfit? Its difficult people! Its not like its done in just one second. So yes it may not be our personal taste but it still could be someones dream.

So love it, hate it, talk about it. Do it all!



Thursday, 12 May 2016

Cannes film festival Cafe Society 2016 - my favorites!

Hi all, 

Quicker to the game today!! Heres my few picks of some outfits I really liked from today's cafe society photocall and premierre Cannes 2016 film festival! Enjoy!

Kristen Stewart, Cannes 2016


At the photocall for Cafe Society, Kristen Stewart put her own spin on classic tailoring, by pairing a Chanel white pencil skirt with a simple cropped t shirt and layered necklaces.

I really like this! normally I find it very hard to like Kristen's outfit choices but this is cute and refreshing and very much different then what I have seen lately from her!


Sequinned bronze spaghetti strap dress for the Café Society premiere

Look at that bump! I love Blake a lot , I think she is just beautiful and her fashion choices never disappoint me! I love the way she looks pregnant!

blake lively cannes film festival

Blake Lively looked super glamorous at the photocall for Cafe Society in a red flowing jumpsuit with a matching skinny neck scarf by Los Angeles-based designer Juan Carlos Obando

Blake always seems to have a way of making things look very elegant , I'm not sure if its because of her height,her posture or what but she looks great! I like her in more lighter colors as I think they suit her skin shade nicely but as always she looks great!


Victoria Beckham wears a black strapless jumpsuit to the premiere of Cafe Society

I love this look! I think Victoria is a very beautiful person but normally I find the fitted looks for her outfits make her look very gaunt. She also normally poses a certain way that I personally do not like. I like that she is standing straight in this picture but also is in an outfit that doesn't make her look oddly skinny! Good choice!


Kirsten Dunst arrives for the Café Society premiere in a Gucci pale pink silk organza gown with red embroidered flowers and black trompe l'oeil embroidered belt with bow detail.

I normally do not pick Kirsten Dunst for anything fashion because she has never stood strong for me. Although I think the flowers are maybe a bit to big I really like this on her. Very pretty pink shade!

anna kendrick

Anna Kendrick channels old Hollywood glamour in a mustard gown for the premiere of Café Society

Isn't Anna Kendrick just so pretty! Her hair looks so nice in its color and style and she really suits yellow! I love the slightly fitted look of her gown but it is not to intense. The design in itself if very simple and could have not been a wow but on her it looks fabulous!

Well that is it for today! Stay tuned for more coming up :) 


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Met Gala 2016 top 10 hits and misses!

Hi all,

So this is my top 10 hits and misses for the 2016 Met Gala! Finally!! Lets get into it!


In nude latex Givenchy Haute Couture custom-made dress with pearls and hand-painted flowers .

I love this color! I don't like the latex so much but Im not a fan of latex outfits in general. I don't think this outfit in its shape and the effect they were after would work in any other form other than latex. I adore the shape of the outfit and it flatters her so well. 

I am in love with the sleeves and hand painted flowers, they compliment this dress so well. It could have easily looked horrible with so much going on but its perfect and suits her!

Kim and Kanye


I love me the Kardashions! I love how they cause so much of a stir with everything they do! I'm not a fan of Kim's makeup for this event,I think it makes her features look more masculine compared to her normal makeup look. With the outfit and its shape and material it needed to have a bold makeup look so it makes sense that they would go for that. The outfit itself is not my most favorite. I feel it doesn't suit Kim's body as well as it could,especially because she is all about her curves. It suits the theme though which I guess is the point? I would have liked the whole outfit to have the same material and I think it would have worked well that way, with a very fitted bodice and maybe no sleeves.

Kanye West... He fits into the Kardashion family so well. I don't think jeans were the right thing to wear in this instance but it did the get attention I think he might of been after. I like the eyes that he did! I know there's a lot of talk about his eyes and a lot of hate towards it but I actually really liked it!

Ok guys, I couldn't actually stop myself, the bottom three count as one...that is just the way it is.


In Versace.

I really like Kendall Jenner. In general I feel her fashion is very understated and that she does not worry to much about things. As a model she can hold herself really well and knows how to show of an outfit . I'm not a fan of this on her, I feel the cutouts don't flatter her at all and make her look more thin! She doesn't need to look more thin!



I feel this is to much black in one outfit! Can't believe I said that! Even just a pop of color would be really good to add to this to break it apart a bit. Kris tends to wear a lot of black (which is fine) but she has black hair and sometimes I think the black doesn't play in her favor and makes her look really Gothic.


In Balmain

I don't like her makeup! She wears to much makeup! She is so pretty and all the makeup makes her look a lot older than needed. As a lot of people say she needs to embrace her youth because it goes so fast! Her outfit maybe would have suited Kendall more I think color wise but I don't like it in general, what's with all the skin showing people!


In Atelier Versace and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

I love Kate Hudson! She is so pretty and I've always wanted her hair! Her makeup always looks great and she seems confident! I like the style of her dress as it really suits her and is flattering to her body type. I'm not a fan of the pattern/sheer cutouts though. I feel it makes the dress look less high end more we made a mistake . it suits the theme of this year's gala well. The sweetheart neckline is beautiful!

In Versace.


The shoes! Oh my! I would love to see how Lady Gaga walked in them, she will be used to the height I'm sure based on her previous shoe wearing but her shoes always amaze me, there always interesting and beautiful! I really enjoy her outfit choices most of the time (apart from the meat dress) and this one is no exception. It screams lady Gaga. She 100% has the confidence and body for this outfit and I bet she rocked it well! I don't like the hair...its not my cup of tea but go Lady Gaga!

In Valentino.


Since Lorde is from NZ and so am I the silent rule is that I should like her, and I do, I like her music,I like that she's a kiwi making it big and living her dreams. I don't like this dress, I almost don't believe it's Valentino! I know I won't like every single outfit a designer will make but seriously!?! I don't think the low neckline flatters her at all, I wouldn't actually mind her more covered up! She doesn't need to show that much chest in this outfit, she's not about skin and sex appeal,right? Then the rainbow color would be fine or an intense rainbow of colors might even be interesting . this looks like it went through the washing machine with some random colors of socks and the color transferred.

In Prada.


I like this! I don't mind the amount of skin Emma is showing at all! I think it depends on the body type but also the shaping the designer uses on the cutouts. It can totally change an outfit. The corset around her stomach shows of that she's slim but not crazy skinny and the length and slit on the skirt makes her look very sleek and tall. I really do enjoy this outfit! And it really compliments the color of her hair!

In David LaPort.


In David LaPort.

Oh my goodness. This is awful! Yes it makes a statement,yes it will definitely have people talking , yes it will make your brand noticeable. But why!!!!!

In Chanel and Repossi jewelry.


In Chanel and Repossi jewelry.

Ok, so I really am not a fan of Kristen Stewart at all...never have been really. But that is more me personally than anything , she seems like a good actress just not my cup of tea. Anyway, I do not like her outfit. For Chanel I did not think this reflected there brand well. I think if it was a different fabric and pattern it could possibly look ok but its just not flattering for her and maybe for no one. Just sayin.

In Louis Vuitton.


In Louis Vuitton.

Taylor swift is one of my idols, If i could pick a celeb squad I think she would most likely but my number one choice. She has an amazing body and is really starting to show it off! I thought with the amount of skin she is showing I wouldn't like this outfit as much but its very flattering to her body and also suits her most recent style well. And omg the shoes! I adore the leg straps!

In Louis Vuitton.

In Louis Vuitton.

I would have loved to have seen Selena in something else. This to me is just to simple of a look for her. Its just more of a weekend/casual type of outfit. I have seen her in many other outfits that I really enjoyed a lot more. I do not mind the corset type of piece at all, I think its the pattern and shape of the dress itself. Although she has over the last few years worn very sexy outfits maybe this is new post health scare Selenas style? and if so , that is ok!

That is all for now, sorry for the delay in getting this up! Fingers crossed I win the lotto and can do this instead of working! ha ha ha



Sunday, 8 May 2016

Radio Disney music awards fashion, what I liked and disliked

Hi all!, 

A bit late to the game on this on but this is my likes and dislikes for the Radio Disney Music Awards 2016- fashion addition! I have of course only selected a few so that we are not here all day! 


Gwen Stefani - I love her hair, I always have! Although I am not to impressed by the pattern of the dress, she is a wonderful body and I love all of the old things that she used to wear in the harajuku days like: 

 Obviously this was a while ago now but it is my fondest fashion memories of here and I would totally love if she dressed like this again! Nothing wrong with it :p


Flo Rida.Hmmm this one is hard. I cant decide if I like it or hate it! I am unsure about the pants length but if they were full length then I do not think he could wear the shoes....I like the shoes, there shiny and seem to make him happy.


 Veronica Dunne. I really like this outfit! I think the color of the pants really suit her skin color and soften up the black of the top and jacket. And I think it was a really good choice to have hair long hair down. My favorite so far! 

 Hailee Steinfeld - While I do not know Hailee Steinfeld as much I know of her name so I expected a more wow of an outfit for her. Although this look can be flattering I think its almost to dull for her, like she was trying to hide in the shadows. Even just a bit more color would be nice! Im not fond of the detailing at the bottom of the dress, looks like they ran out of fabric and this was all they could find before making it into a mini dress.


Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, Camila Capello . Of Fifth Harmony. I find this all together a very odd mixture. I do not mind all of them individually but if your in a group shouldn't it be that your outfits compliment each other to a point? I guess at least the colors flow? 


DNCE. I have no clue at all who these people are.... and I really do not like the clothing that they are wearing. Looks like they went op shopping in a bad way. Good on them though, they look happy. 


Pete Wentz & Andy Hurley . Pete Wentz...looks like he forgot that he was attending an event and got ready 10 minutes before he had to be there so quickly put on some clothes. I would have expected maybe a bit more effort into the fashion choices when attending anything of this nature. Andy Hurley, I do not mind the outfit choice, in general it would be a nice outfit during the day doing normal things. Maybe not for the awards though.


Kira Kosarin. I really like this! Its still very fashionable to have cutouts or two piece outfits with a lot of stomach showing!. I like this trend (I would never wear it myself - I like cake to much) But this is cute! The softness tones of the color suit her light skin and her makeup isn't overdone so it makes her look fresh , cute and happy.


Megan Nicole. I had to put this is, omg I do not mind this at all. I think its more suited for maybe something fancy dress not the awards but still, I do not mind it! Looks really just like a maids outfit with tulle. 

Ok , that is it for today. Short and sweet. Hope you enjoy and see you next time!