Sunday, 28 August 2016

Setting sprays: NYX vs L.A girl

Hi all!,

Welcome all to my blog! Today's post is something a little different that I am interested in maybe doing more often. It may be products with similar uses or even dupes of makeup products!

This weeks post is going to be about two matte setting sprays I have come across recently, maybe one or even both will be available to you in your city! 

Nyx matte finish long lasting setting spray vs L.A girl pro H.D setting spray with matte finish.

Nyx: available in a matte and dewy finish spray
L.A girl: Available in a matte finish spray

Nyx's promises : Demand perfection! For that fresh makeup look that lasts, the NYX Makeup Setting Spray - Matte is a gorgeous shine-free matte finish that is lightweight and comfortable while working hard to make sure your makeup stays put.

L.A girl's promises: To keep that matte finish of freshly applied makeup, mist evenly with PRO Setting Spray after makeup has been applied. The lightweight, non-sticky formula sets makeup for all day wear. The ultra-fine mist is refreshing and dries quickly setting makeup to help you stay beautiful longer. Paraben and fragrance free.Helps keep makeup last longer. Natural matte finish

Nyx: $19.45 NZD 60ml
L.A girl: $15.99 NZD 30ml

I have worn both of these setting sprays ALOT , every day that I have worn makeup have had one of these on also.
My aim to be able to find products that are similar in price and similar in function as I know completely what it is like to not be able to find products you desperately want in your city but do not like the thought of purchasing things online that you do not know what are like. Keep in mind these are just my own thoughts and you will also be able to find many a reviews on these products!

I managed to get the smaller sized sample of this setting spray at a Nyx launch and I felt so lucky! This spray sits wet on the skin for about 1 minute then it sets on the face unnoticeable. I find it does make a difference in my makeup that it looks matte once this is dry on the face. During the day it takes about 5 hours then I notice I am getting oily again around the t-zone. A quick blot and touch up with some form of matte power and my face is back to being matte again. Towards the end of the day after 9 hours use I still have majority of the makeup I started on with which is amazing. This helps the longevity of my makeup more than anything else I have used.
To view this setting spray click here

L.A girl
I purchased this right after I received my Nyx setting spray as I was very curious about other setting sprays and this was on sale so I thought well why not! I enjoy this spray a lot, it takes a bit longer to set on my face , about 3 minutes. When it drys it is completely unnoticeable visibly and also to touch. It takes about 3 hours before I notice that I am getting oily again so I blot and touch up as normal but need to do so another 3 hours later. I normally wont blot more than twice a day as I do not have time at work to do that! At the 9 hour mark what I am at home I do not have as much makeup left as I would using the Nyx setting spray but still more than what I would have without any setting spray at all. So in my books this is completely still worth getting.
To view this setting spray online click here

Overall comparison:
Both setting sprays boast the same promises about making your makeup last longer, stay matte & perfectly lightweight to make your face feel just as comfortable as it was without the setting spray. Both to me do all of the things promised, one maybe has some other ingredients to help with the shine free aspect but other than that these are extremely similar. The Nyx is technically cheaper per ml but if you are looking to spend as little money as possible right now then the l.a girl setting spray would be your choice. 

I love what both of these do for me, I use them both equally as I enjoy what outcome they both have . I would repurchase both but will most likely get just what I run out of first and stick with that from now on. 

Have you got products you love that you would love me to find a comparison or dupe for? I would love to find more things so let me know!

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That is all for now everyone! Have a lovely week


Sunday, 21 August 2016

NYX blush and contour duo palette

Hi All,

Today I bring to my wonderful blog the Nyx blush and contour duo palette. 

There are 6 Shades available and it costs around $9 US. They range from the following duos:
Cheek on Cheek
Double date
Perfect match
Two to tango
Ginger & pepper
Wine & dine

To see the stunning range of colors visit the Nyx website cheek contour duo's here .

I have the shade Wine & dine which is the darkest out of all choices. The blush is a wonderful cool toned deep pink and the contour is a lovely dark brown that is perfect for winter and gives a beautiful cool tone touch to the face when applied.

This is my everyday go to, I would chose it on top of any other blush or contour I have currently in my stash. Originally I thought I suited the lighter shades available but upon scoring this sample as a freebie at a Nyx launch I actually think that this type of cool tone shade suits me more than anything warm least at the moment.

I have very fair skin as you can probably notice in these pictures. So I do not use a lot in general of any blush or contour as I do not want to appear like a monster to people!

This is a very natural looking combo when applied to the face, It is very hard to muck it up. While I have maybe the darkest of shades in the range I feel this is perfect, really any of the other shades would be to! If I had to choose another duo for myself I would choose the two for tango, its a wonderful neutral shade of colors that I think would work well to give me a golden glow!

A bit about the company itself!
Nyx started in 1999 by the founder Toni Ko. Originally available to professionals at trade shows. Slowly being based in LA they managed to get into the makeup artist community and films and built up all the way to today. Nyx moved to Loreal in 2014 and are now stocked at all sorts of stores like target, ulta, farmers (NZ) Priceline (AUS). Not to mention all the online product available everywhere.While they have only launched in New Zealand and Australia in the last few months they have really made a big splash for us. I was finding it extremely hard to find what I wanted and stay in budget without shopping online and spending my life savings in shipping!

Something I love about Nyx is that they do not stay quiet on there upcoming products, they let us have plenty sneak peaks and opportunity to see whats on its way. Nyx has a great relationship with Bloggers and youtube professionals. They even go to the extent of bringing wonderful people like us all to come and have a little look at new products and give there honest opinion as the rest of us would to really bring out what we are wanting right now. Its a great way to have a quick test to see what pigment and payoff is like. 

From what I have researched and observed I think Nyx focuses a lot more of the quality and affordability of there products rather than the packaging. While the packaging is still completely eye pleasing and so easy and functional at such a great cost you cannot expect everything to be high end and great! I do not know about you but I would 100% choose affordability and quality over packaging everyday.

Something I have really taken an interest in this year is the Face awards (Fine artistry of cosmetic Elites Awards) I would adore to be involved in this one day ( this little blogger can only dream!) . These awards started in 2012 and are extremely popular among the blogger and youtube community. And plus, if you have a look at it , it is a wonderful way to get great promotion from your brand! If you do not know much about it this is how it goes! This is an annual event. Youtubers and bloggers make content online with tutorials (and much more) using products in a unique way . There are rounds of challenges set by Nyx , at the end of it all an award show is held to give the winner a $25,000 prize. There are also 5 finalists who get $1,000 worth of Nyx products!

What we are seeing that is extremely hot right now from Nyx: So many colorful lipsticks! 2016 is really showing us a lot of colorful lips, blue, green...everything! There seems to be hundreds of shades expanded over different products out at the moment by Nyx.

Have you tried this duo palette? Do you have your favorite blush or contour that you must use everyday? 

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Well that is the lot of this week! Be sure to pop back next week for more! P.s I will have some truly amazing products coming up within the next few months!

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Essence make me brow review

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have spent this weekend finally making some online purchases I have been meaning to place for months now but I get so confused by international shipping! Fingers crossed it gets here and then I can blog my experience!

This weeks post is on the Essence make me brow, my first ever eyebrow gel mascara. If you have followed my blog or Instagram you will already know my passion for adorable beauty products and my love for prettiness. I adore all things Essence. If you are new, welcome! 

A bit about my skin : I have sensitive skin, I have found a good amount of beauty products that either break me out or cause some form of irritation. I love natural makeup that can be buildable when needed and my main focus is for things to be comfortable, functional and have great longevity. I will purchase makeup in mind of what I can use on a daily basis and wear to work. 

Now for the makeup!

First a bit about Essence itself!

Essence cosmetics focus's on great quality into there products that are very budget friendly , what I love about this brand is that instead of focusing on ad campaigns they use there time and money into making great quality products that are made in Europe. I love that Essence also provides lists of there product ingredients. You can find the ingredient list online and if you are lucky enough to have an essence stand in your town they will also have a booklet there that you can check out for ingredients. A great way to find out if there is something specific that your body doesn't seem to like! They are also cruelty free, one very important thing.

I first purchased the blondy brows shade because I really do not like dark eyebrows on myself. I have naturally dark brown eyebrows that I have never liked! I find if they are shaded in to dark its to overpowering on my face. With eyebrow pencils I have always chosen dark blonde shades instead of a shade that directly matches my hair. While I currently use the Essence Dark blonde eyebrow pencil this blonde gel eyebrow mascara didn't work the same in my eyebrows. It worked in the sense of keeping my eyebrows in place but didn't work in any way to fill them.

Then I tried the browny brows shade. When I first put this on I got a bit of a fright as it was so so dark, more dark than anything I have used. After combing this through with the wand and not adding in extra product I really loved the way this looked. 

I love this eyebrow mascara, it provides great natural looking color and helps give density and helps shapes the brows without the full brow effect. It has little fibers that help with patchy eyebrows and give you that little boost you need.

Of course this is not the best of swatches but to try get a smooth swatch with a mascara wand I think is near impossible!

This Essence make me brow helped to make my brows look less patchy but not filled in at all, if I am going from a natural look I would pick this compared to a full brow fill in look that I might go for if I was wearing foundation, rather than BB cream.

I purchased each of these for NZ $5.65 , compared to the other brands I have seen around I think this is a crazy good cost!

If you would like to visit the Essence website, click here. There are so many great products on there its very much worth a look. If you do not have Essence around make sure to check out kosmetik4less as they ship to a lot of places and have so many great budget brands.

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That is all for this week wonderful people!


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Rimmel wake me up concealer swatch & review

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today's blog post is on the Rimmel London wake me up concealer, this is to pair up with the Rimmel London wake me up foundation. I have done a review on that to, check it out here.

This concealers promise is to give full coverage that visibly reawakens and illuminates under the eyes. It is meant to conceal spots and blemishes, have an anti-fatigue effect and moisturising.

To see more about this Rimmel concealer follow the link here

I purchased mine for NZ$18.99, which I feel is a lot for a drug store brand, but if it works you totally would spend that for a wonderful product.

I find that this on me doesn't conceal my spots, at least using one layer. I have not tried using it more than once on a spot or blemish so that will be something to try one day. Hiding my blemishes doesn't fully concern me as I do not go for a full face of makeup . I just prefer to take out a bit of the redness and help even out my complexion.

I do find that my skin looks reawakened when using this product. I really do like that about this product. It really did interest me when purchasing this.

Compared to my natural skin on a day to day basis I feel that this does help provide an anti fatigue effect, which goes along with it being reawakened. 

I think this concealer does do what it is promised. When it comes to its main promise of helping you look awakened and fresh for the day I feel it has that feature on top of all the other concealers on the market.

I get a lot of creasing under my eyes when using concealers. Its been a real battle to find a product that doesn't do that to me. So far this has helped. I believe my under eyes are dehydrated which is not helping with the creasing so this concealer is perfect for hydrating the area and not balling up during the day under the eyes.

As for if I would repurchase, I am very undecided. I feel it does help with those bad days when I look tired but it does not do what I need a concealer to do for me everyday. 

I would purchase this to add with a more high coverage & moisturising concealer. Use it to highlight under my eyes and other parts of the face. I wouldn't chose it for if I am having a heavy breakout to cover. 

Well that is it for tonight! See you all next week!

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Have you tried this concealer? Or have a magic all in one concealer you use? I would love to hear if you have had wonderful concealer that has worked well for you.