Sunday, 26 June 2016

Nyx BB cream swatches and review

Hi all,

Happy Sunday! Would you believe I went out this morning to look at makeup and came back home with none!?!? What the heck! 

So I had a giant splurge at the NYX stand last week , it was the official launch at a few Farmers stores in New Zealand  . So along I went to the late night launch! I even managed to get a spot prize whoohoo! So be prepared for a few posts of the makeup I collected!

I have been eyeing up NYX for quite a while but no store in my city stocked it and I really wanted to see it face to face to really see what it was like. And boy was I impressed. Something I picked up was there wonderful BB cream. Something I wasn't honestly intending on getting that night as I tend to research into things a lot before purchasing to make sure it's right for me. 

What originally caught my eye was the packaging. Nice and simple and to the point. Just what I like. I have been wanting a BB cream for quite a while and have purchased a few with a lot of promises to then get disappointed with them . 

This just felt right. I befriended a stranger at the stand that is just as addicted to makeup and just as excited for NYX and we both found the BB cream at the same time and compared with each other which shade out the three choices would work for each other. She was just lovely! 

So upon trying all three, this one matched me very well. I was surprised when trying the tester out how great it felt on my hand. And it really made my skin look so much better -without looking fake if you know what I mean. 

I got home late that night and tucked all my purchases away until the weekend when my mind is away from work and up for total makeup play time! 

I chose the shade natural and its perfect for my skin tone, I hope you can see that in the pictures above!

I found this cream to be very lightweight. You can barely feel it when applying it to the skin and once it is massaged into your face you cannot feel it at all. Your face just feels hydrated and happy. Also , it doesn't rub off so you do not need to worry about that!

I found that the formulation is not heavily pigmented. To me, this magic in a tube is the complete ideal for a BB cream. Its not heavy, it gives you the kind of skin perfecting coverage you need and it also hydrates your skin while its there. 

I have tried this multiple times without moisteriser underneath also and this really is fine without it. I have combination skin and I do not find that my dry patches hurt using this as my moisteriser. 

Also, another benefit is this can be worn under makeup and also doubles up as your primer! I cant believe how multipurpose this cream is!

As you can see in the above pictures my skin after I applied the cream looked smoother and also I feel it brightened it up with evening out my skin tone. And is slightly tinted.

Also for anyone out there that wants to know what this is like for oily skin, this is perfect. Its oil free which for me having a very oily t-zone is something that is a must. Compared to anything else that I have tried this doesn't make me oily any sooner or later.

I also have issues normally with my foundation separating towards the end of the day after a good few hours wear. I have found with this BB cream on underneath my foundation I have not had that issue so far.

So for me this is perfect, I would totally recommend it to anyone that asks. 

If you are out and about and are in search of a moisturiser or a BB cream that has that little bit extra I would really pick this up. Its not to expensive at NZ $21 for what it is but I know its so scary to spend even that much on a product you do not know. I would encourage going to your NYX stand if you can and trying out the testers on your skin. I tend to do that when I can and go away and come back and let it sit on my skin for a bit to make sure I do not have a reaction to it. 

Have you tried this? Do you have a favourite BB cream? Let me know!

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Happy week everyone


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