Thursday, 16 June 2016

Neutrogena Naturals facial moisturiser review

Hi all,

Below is an extra post this week! A product review of the Neutrogena Naturals multi-vitamin nourishing moisturiser. Let me know if you have questions or thoughts! 

So this moisturiser is my little gem right now , its the best moisturiser for my face and its current issues (see previous post for those details!)

This Neutrogena range of naturals is what my skin is screaming for. I wanted something I could wear under makeup or without makeup (oily skin also!) That would also give my skin the love it needed. I really wanted something with a good amount of vitamins in it to help repair my skin but one that wouldn't cause more oiliness yet give my dry patches the moisture it so desperately needs, while also catering for sensitive skin . Not a big ask,right?

So the research began , of course it had to be within a budget range to. I wanted to be able to spend not to much for the first time buying this product because what's the point of owning something I'll try and hate and never use! What a waste to do that! 

I purchased this for $17.99 and thought yes that's heaps more than I would normally spend on a day to day moisturizer but wasn't expensive enough that I thought to unrealistic if it doesn't work. 

And of course this brand is a very trusted brand. I've never tried anything of there's so I didn't know if my skin would love it or not ,but the promise of it to help my skin really pushed me to go for it! 

The product itself boosts about vitamins B,C &E, that it won't clog the pores, will keep my skin nourished throughout the day, replenish essential skin nutrients and help boost skins dullness and roughness. That's a lot for one product to do,right?

Yes that list plus more does sound a bit miracle like to me ,so I did doubt it in all honesty. 

I have been using this for near three weeks twice a day without fail. I have used it mixed with a rose hip moisturiser , also mixed with my Palmer's skin therapy oil , under my makeup, and just alone. I have tried it all! 

It has shown me:

1) It keeps mt skin nourished from beginning of the day to the end.

2) My skin drinks this stuff! I take not to much and massage gently into my skin and I swear it just sinks in!

3) Its promise of not clogging my pores is 100% true. My pores in fact look better than they did a month ago.

4) I've had less breakouts. I mentioned this also in my last post so I believe it's a mix of wonderful products including this one but I have not had anywhere near the same amount of breakouts.

5) I have had noticeable improvement on the sun damage on my nose and top of my head. They appear to be healing which is great! 

6) My skin is happier and brighter! I was suffering from a bit of dullness and irritation to my skin, this moisturiser has improved it dramatically . 

And there are so many other points I could really include . This is a product that really works for me right now and I feel really lucky to be able to find it. With using it so often it does unfortunately mean I'm going through it like crazy! Nearly the whole 88ml bottle is gone just three weeks in! But I'm fine with that, the price is very reasonable for all the points this product states and in my view, very worth the money for how it has improved my skin. I would say I will be using this for a good while yet!

If you are in search of a great daily moisturiser and are seeking some of the above qualities I would very much recommend this product! 

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Have you tried this or other products from Neutrogena? What are your thoughts?


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