Sunday, 19 June 2016

Australis Matte Bronzeyed Girl eyeshadow palette review

Hi all,

I am writing today about a wonderful makeup palette that I use everyday! Below are some pictures and thoughts and also how I use it!

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If you are not involved with the Australis brand you may not know about this one! I am reasonably new to the products of this brand. I have used there eyebrow pencils for about 1-2 years but had never looked at anything else, nor do any research on the company itself.

From what I can tell this palette is not around anymore ( I am unsure why!). I have not been able to find it since the one time of seeing it in store and purchasing it. It is not on any New Zealand or Australian website so far that I can see. So I have not linked a product URL.

From what you can see in my pictures it is fairly explanatory. The wonderful shades are matte and perfect for the basic coloring I love. Nice and natural! There is no glitter in the palette at all (yay!) . 

This palette also has the advantage of a big mirror, which is just fantastic. Its nice and clear and does the trick!

As for the colors, they are fabulous! Nice and pigmented and pretty buttery. Very easy to use and blend. This to me is a must have for anyone that likes a good neutral palette.

I love this palette a lot. I love that this brand is cruelty free. I use this palette right now on my eyes alone but I have heard that some people use it to contour. I have not tried this yet!. 
I use the bottom left shade as well as the top 3 colors all on my eyes daily. The brown as a base on my eyelids and the top right in my crease. I used the middle top shade (a lot like banana powder!) under my eyes to brighten a bit but I find it helps my concealer crease less under my eyes with this one. Then the last shade on the top left I use on the inner of my eyes near the tear duct to help open my eyes. 

At this stage I do not use the bottom middle and bottom right shades, they are to dark for me right now, I would say these will get used a bit further along for when I want a more full eye makeup effect. Definitely not the colors for day to day for me. ohh maybe very nice for a brown smokey eye look!

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Have you used this palette? or other products from Australis?


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