Sunday, 26 June 2016

Nyx BB cream swatches and review

Hi all,

Happy Sunday! Would you believe I went out this morning to look at makeup and came back home with none!?!? What the heck! 

So I had a giant splurge at the NYX stand last week , it was the official launch at a few Farmers stores in New Zealand  . So along I went to the late night launch! I even managed to get a spot prize whoohoo! So be prepared for a few posts of the makeup I collected!

I have been eyeing up NYX for quite a while but no store in my city stocked it and I really wanted to see it face to face to really see what it was like. And boy was I impressed. Something I picked up was there wonderful BB cream. Something I wasn't honestly intending on getting that night as I tend to research into things a lot before purchasing to make sure it's right for me. 

What originally caught my eye was the packaging. Nice and simple and to the point. Just what I like. I have been wanting a BB cream for quite a while and have purchased a few with a lot of promises to then get disappointed with them . 

This just felt right. I befriended a stranger at the stand that is just as addicted to makeup and just as excited for NYX and we both found the BB cream at the same time and compared with each other which shade out the three choices would work for each other. She was just lovely! 

So upon trying all three, this one matched me very well. I was surprised when trying the tester out how great it felt on my hand. And it really made my skin look so much better -without looking fake if you know what I mean. 

I got home late that night and tucked all my purchases away until the weekend when my mind is away from work and up for total makeup play time! 

I chose the shade natural and its perfect for my skin tone, I hope you can see that in the pictures above!

I found this cream to be very lightweight. You can barely feel it when applying it to the skin and once it is massaged into your face you cannot feel it at all. Your face just feels hydrated and happy. Also , it doesn't rub off so you do not need to worry about that!

I found that the formulation is not heavily pigmented. To me, this magic in a tube is the complete ideal for a BB cream. Its not heavy, it gives you the kind of skin perfecting coverage you need and it also hydrates your skin while its there. 

I have tried this multiple times without moisteriser underneath also and this really is fine without it. I have combination skin and I do not find that my dry patches hurt using this as my moisteriser. 

Also, another benefit is this can be worn under makeup and also doubles up as your primer! I cant believe how multipurpose this cream is!

As you can see in the above pictures my skin after I applied the cream looked smoother and also I feel it brightened it up with evening out my skin tone. And is slightly tinted.

Also for anyone out there that wants to know what this is like for oily skin, this is perfect. Its oil free which for me having a very oily t-zone is something that is a must. Compared to anything else that I have tried this doesn't make me oily any sooner or later.

I also have issues normally with my foundation separating towards the end of the day after a good few hours wear. I have found with this BB cream on underneath my foundation I have not had that issue so far.

So for me this is perfect, I would totally recommend it to anyone that asks. 

If you are out and about and are in search of a moisturiser or a BB cream that has that little bit extra I would really pick this up. Its not to expensive at NZ $21 for what it is but I know its so scary to spend even that much on a product you do not know. I would encourage going to your NYX stand if you can and trying out the testers on your skin. I tend to do that when I can and go away and come back and let it sit on my skin for a bit to make sure I do not have a reaction to it. 

Have you tried this? Do you have a favourite BB cream? Let me know!

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Happy week everyone


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Australis Matte Bronzeyed Girl eyeshadow palette review

Hi all,

I am writing today about a wonderful makeup palette that I use everyday! Below are some pictures and thoughts and also how I use it!

To view the Australis website click here

If you are not involved with the Australis brand you may not know about this one! I am reasonably new to the products of this brand. I have used there eyebrow pencils for about 1-2 years but had never looked at anything else, nor do any research on the company itself.

From what I can tell this palette is not around anymore ( I am unsure why!). I have not been able to find it since the one time of seeing it in store and purchasing it. It is not on any New Zealand or Australian website so far that I can see. So I have not linked a product URL.

From what you can see in my pictures it is fairly explanatory. The wonderful shades are matte and perfect for the basic coloring I love. Nice and natural! There is no glitter in the palette at all (yay!) . 

This palette also has the advantage of a big mirror, which is just fantastic. Its nice and clear and does the trick!

As for the colors, they are fabulous! Nice and pigmented and pretty buttery. Very easy to use and blend. This to me is a must have for anyone that likes a good neutral palette.

I love this palette a lot. I love that this brand is cruelty free. I use this palette right now on my eyes alone but I have heard that some people use it to contour. I have not tried this yet!. 
I use the bottom left shade as well as the top 3 colors all on my eyes daily. The brown as a base on my eyelids and the top right in my crease. I used the middle top shade (a lot like banana powder!) under my eyes to brighten a bit but I find it helps my concealer crease less under my eyes with this one. Then the last shade on the top left I use on the inner of my eyes near the tear duct to help open my eyes. 

At this stage I do not use the bottom middle and bottom right shades, they are to dark for me right now, I would say these will get used a bit further along for when I want a more full eye makeup effect. Definitely not the colors for day to day for me. ohh maybe very nice for a brown smokey eye look!

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Have you used this palette? or other products from Australis?


Thursday, 16 June 2016

Neutrogena Naturals facial moisturiser review

Hi all,

Below is an extra post this week! A product review of the Neutrogena Naturals multi-vitamin nourishing moisturiser. Let me know if you have questions or thoughts! 

So this moisturiser is my little gem right now , its the best moisturiser for my face and its current issues (see previous post for those details!)

This Neutrogena range of naturals is what my skin is screaming for. I wanted something I could wear under makeup or without makeup (oily skin also!) That would also give my skin the love it needed. I really wanted something with a good amount of vitamins in it to help repair my skin but one that wouldn't cause more oiliness yet give my dry patches the moisture it so desperately needs, while also catering for sensitive skin . Not a big ask,right?

So the research began , of course it had to be within a budget range to. I wanted to be able to spend not to much for the first time buying this product because what's the point of owning something I'll try and hate and never use! What a waste to do that! 

I purchased this for $17.99 and thought yes that's heaps more than I would normally spend on a day to day moisturizer but wasn't expensive enough that I thought to unrealistic if it doesn't work. 

And of course this brand is a very trusted brand. I've never tried anything of there's so I didn't know if my skin would love it or not ,but the promise of it to help my skin really pushed me to go for it! 

The product itself boosts about vitamins B,C &E, that it won't clog the pores, will keep my skin nourished throughout the day, replenish essential skin nutrients and help boost skins dullness and roughness. That's a lot for one product to do,right?

Yes that list plus more does sound a bit miracle like to me ,so I did doubt it in all honesty. 

I have been using this for near three weeks twice a day without fail. I have used it mixed with a rose hip moisturiser , also mixed with my Palmer's skin therapy oil , under my makeup, and just alone. I have tried it all! 

It has shown me:

1) It keeps mt skin nourished from beginning of the day to the end.

2) My skin drinks this stuff! I take not to much and massage gently into my skin and I swear it just sinks in!

3) Its promise of not clogging my pores is 100% true. My pores in fact look better than they did a month ago.

4) I've had less breakouts. I mentioned this also in my last post so I believe it's a mix of wonderful products including this one but I have not had anywhere near the same amount of breakouts.

5) I have had noticeable improvement on the sun damage on my nose and top of my head. They appear to be healing which is great! 

6) My skin is happier and brighter! I was suffering from a bit of dullness and irritation to my skin, this moisturiser has improved it dramatically . 

And there are so many other points I could really include . This is a product that really works for me right now and I feel really lucky to be able to find it. With using it so often it does unfortunately mean I'm going through it like crazy! Nearly the whole 88ml bottle is gone just three weeks in! But I'm fine with that, the price is very reasonable for all the points this product states and in my view, very worth the money for how it has improved my skin. I would say I will be using this for a good while yet!

If you are in search of a great daily moisturiser and are seeking some of the above qualities I would very much recommend this product! 

Have you also seen my thoughts on the Palmers facial wipes and skin therapy oil, check it out here!

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Have you tried this or other products from Neutrogena? What are your thoughts?


Sunday, 12 June 2016

Palmers facial wipes & skin therapy oil review

Hi all!

Today I am writing a review on two products! The Palmers cocoa butter formula cleansing wipes & skin therapy oil.

I have learnt very recently how extremely important it is to look after your skin. It's not something I had ever really thought of at all, I've always moisturized but that's all the care I've really put in. I went through stages of using the facial cleansing and moisturizing products from the store Lush but found no much difference at all for my skin , for the most part they broke me out and caused my skin to be irritated. I adore Lush but I think the brand wasn't right for my skin. I still do use there bath products though!

I have combination skin with a small amount of adult acne, and its not fun at all. I have a good amount of scaring from acne in my youth also.

I had been experiencing my makeup not sitting well on my skin and was so confused as to what was going on ,also I had some random dry patches that just wouldn't leave. How annoying!
My skin always stung and just never felt great and always looked dull.

So upon doing A LOT of research into what's going on and seeing what products my body responded to I found these two items. I'm not new to this brand but have only ever used there body lotions.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter formula Palmer's is a "cruelty free" company and does not conduct product tests on animals.

Facial wipes
The facial wipes are the most expensive ones I've ever purchased. I was to be honest put off by the cost. Not that it's actually THAT expensive at all but I don't like to waste my money at all. But let me tell you , these are so good!
My skin feels so nourished when I use these. I have tried using a different brand in between packs to make sure it is these little gems that are really helping. I have noticed that my skin has had far less breakouts using these. Of course I have added other products to my routine that will be helping but I do solely believe these are helping my skin immensely. Plus also helping the ageing process by keeping my skin hydrated.

Skin therapy oil
The skin therapy oil has been fabulous. I started with a different type of face oil but when I ran out of it I thought well why not try this brand since I was having such a positive results from the wipes.

This oil has been the little extra something my poor skin was requiring. I use it on my face and body. Once a week if not sometimes more when my skin is feel a bit parched I normally add in a good few drops of this to my moisturizer and massage it gently and well into my skin before bed time. That way I feel my skin really soaks it up.
Normally I do this on the weekend and have little sleep in so my skin has it on for much longer than it would on a week night . My skin feels wonderful and refreshed by morning.
This product is also helping the sun damage I have to my nose and forehead as well as the scaring I have with acne plus other injury's that have caused scaring to my face.
I believe it will also help my skin even out the dryness which is turn is causing oiliness.

Both of these products I feel stand up to what they promise and have been one of the best things I have done for my skin. I will also eventually post about a couple of other products I have found that have worked wonders as I have had a big skincare regime update to really look after my skin.

The product description on the Palmers Australian website is:

The natural way to clean makeup and the day's debris off your face, Palmer's Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Wipes are dual textured – one side gently cleanses while the other gently exfoliates.
They effectively remove makeup (even mascara) without alcohol or parabens, while moisturizing with cocoa butter to keep skin soft and supple.

RRP $7.49 (25pk)

The Skin Therapy Oil
A hero product. Oils are taking their pride of place in the sun (or is that on the shelf?) and Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil sits right at the top. This beautifully light oil has been specially formulated to reduce the appearance of scars, spots and stretch marks, while also helping to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It really is a wonder oil that will treat as well as prevent marks all over the body and comes in a great, new pump dispenser. Skin Therapy Oil is paraben and phthalate free.
Great for :
• Scars.
• Stretch Marks. 
• Dry, Damaged Skin.
• Uneven Skin Tone.
• Aging Skin.
RRP $9.99 -60ml, $17.99 -150ml

So that's my thoughts, I really do hope that you find them helpful and really consider giving these products a go!

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

L.A girl matte flat velvet lipstick review & swatches!

Hi all,

I am here today to have a little talk about the new L.A girl matte lipsticks. Something I really love about these lipsticks is that they are cruelty free, I didn't know this until I really looked into the L.A girl brand. Its a fantastic thing to really have on a brand!

There are 26 shades in this collection. Below is a swatch of the range I found online (sorry if its a bit blurry!)

Below are the two colours I purchased. I am starting with just two at this stage and plan to eventually purchase a few more as I go and build up my collection , of course I will branch out to there other lip products soon enough also!

Although these two shades below look very similar on there outer lipstick case they really do swatch completely differently. I find that if my lips are already a little bit dry these do dry it out to the point of being uncomfortable which is a bit annoying but its fine as I normally wear a good Chapstick when I don't have any lipstick on. Other than that for something of this cost there really isn't any down side, there is not much to lose when it comes to this brand. You will find at least one or more shades in this stunning collection of 26 so why not?!? I have found ALOT of places in New Zealand but also worldwide stock this brand so it seems very accessible . 

I had heard of the L.A brand previously and to be honest had never looked into it as much as I really should of . Upon going into my local discount/outlet make up store I noticed there display because it had a super gorgeous eye shadow pallet which had the exact shades I was after (more to come on that one!) . I was scanning around and noticed a serious lack of lip products, to me this was so odd as they had foundation in liquid and powder plus numerous other goodies. So I went back home and found out about the matte lipstick products, this brand makes, which as to that day lipstick products are my new thing, whoop whoop!

The product description on the website is:

Introducing our hottest new lip color -Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick.

These 26 bold shades are rich in pigment and filled with moisture in a flat velvet finish. With added shea butter to hydrate lips and a soft, smooth application, your lips will feel as gorgeous as they look!

I find this to be pretty true! I am at the moment not finding these lipsticks as hydrating as I would like but it is winter here!

Today I tried the Matte lipstick shade Snuggle. It is beautiful!
I had my reservations towards trying this brand as its a new brand to me so I wasn't sure what it was like quality wise. The price is great , I spent $9.52 NZ on each lipsticks from the discount store here in NZ , let me know if you would like the link if you are in New Zealand!

It was also a new type of shade for me. Its a browny/nude/pink type colour which I have only ever stayed in the pink sort of range that is fairly close to my own lip shade.

I loved this so so much. I put it on at 7.30 am and found it was harder to use on my cupids bow as it doesnt have as sharp of an angle that im used to so far. Eventually and slowly I got there putting this on my lips without a lip liner. As it was the first time using this I wanted to not use lip liner to see how it lasts and if there are any issues I need to be aware of. I probably shouldnt have picked a work day for that haha!

It turned out well my friends. The texture is lovely and smooth but I found it wasnt to creamy, I would say that this is because the formula is designed to be a matte lipstick rather than a standard lipstick. I have previously found other brands lipsticks that are matte to be creamy also.

I had not read any reviews when it came to how long this would last and if it had good staying power so I was quite unsure what to expect, sometimes I think that that is actually the best way to use a product.

The second lip colour I purchased was the shade Hush, I wear this one more compared to Snuggle which I thought would be the other way around for me based on online swatches but OMG I love love love this colour alot. It is up there with one of my go to colours and I have been carrying it around in my hand bag. I found that this was just as easy to apply once getting used to the lipstick shape .Also both of the lipsticks have this sultry type of vanilla/hazelnut scent, I have never come accross this scent before but oh my its yummy



The top shade is Hush and the bottom is snuggle

You can find out more about the L.A girl brand and also all the different shades here

Have you tried this brand? What's your favourite shade? Have any budget brands you love?
Let me know!

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That's all for today everyone, I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Happy weekend!