Sunday, 25 September 2016

My favorite outfits from the 2016 Emmy's

Hi all!

This week I am bringing something a bit different and hopefully something that you also really like! This is my favorite looks from the 2016 Emmy's.

Emilia Clarke in Atelier Versace
Emilia Clarke in Atelier Versace

I adore the fit of this dress for Emilia's body type. She is strong and is slightly curvy. The color of the dress really suits her fair skin!

Sophie Turner in Valentino dress and Forevermark jewelry
Sophie Turner in Valentino 

I know a lot of people have displayed there hate towards Sophie's choice of outfit but I love it! With the debut of her now blonde hair I think black was such a good choice for her. It stands out against her skin tone but is very flattering. I really enjoy the fair of the skirt.

Priyanka Chopra in Jason Wu
Priyanka Chopra in Jason Wu

Ok, this I think is really my most favorite dress from the Emmy's this year. The cool tone red really suits her complexion and the cutouts give it that bit of a difference. It has a slight train to it which I really enjoyed and gave her a bit of a flair for the night.

Olivia Culpo in Zac Posen
Olivia Culpo in Zac Posen

In general I think I would have disliked this dress if it was in a different color like black which I feel I have seen numerous times. I enjoy this dress and the difference it has towards the top of the bust and also towards the calf. It is something we do not see that often in white & cream/tan shades.

Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad
Kristen Bell in Zuhair Murad

I love this dress so much! The pattern in stunning and the deep slit in the bust suits it so much! I like the different shades involved in this as it suits her lovely skin tone and blonde hair.

Maisie Williams
Maisie Williams in Marcus Lupfer

I enjoy everything that Maisie selects for fashion statements. She has a great style. I love the difference this dress makes with the different embellishments on the top half and her dramatic hair and makeup really balance it out.

Emmy Rossum in Wes Gordon
Emmy Rossum in Wes Gordon

I really like it when someone selects a striking white dress! This has a hip length leg slit which will look stunning when Emmy walks. She has a great body so can really wear something like this with grace and style.

Mandy Moore in Prabal Gurung
Mandy Moore in Prabal Gurung

I do not enjoy this color at all on a lot of people. But this is really nice on Mandy Moore. With her new show just out (which I love!) I am so glad that she chose this. It makes her a bit different surrounded but all the glitter and glam. The multi layer with ruffles is definitely a style I have not seen in a good while!

Julianne Hough in Simon G. jewelry
Julianne Hough in Armani

I enjoy the basic yet not so basic style of this dress that Julianne chose. The strapping detail on her shoulder is just beautiful. The coral red/orange shade is stunning against her skin tone. This looks a lot more comfortable than a lot of other dresses at the Emmy's!

Sarah Hyland in Monique Lhuillier
Sarah Hyland in Monique Lhuillier

This is so so different! I like it! I really like that Sarah chose to wear pants at the Emmy's, we do not see that look a lot on the red carpet from women and this is a very different look in general than what we normally see. The split train is a very nice feature that would look nice when involved in movement. 

Ariel Winter in Yousef Al-Jasmi
Ariel Winter in Yousef Al-Jasmi

I think out of all the outfits I really like at the Emmys , Ariel's dress is the most daring . It is not daring in the way that it shows a lot of skin because of the slip underneath but the style and cut of it is more unusual. I like the fake cutout look and that she did chose to wear a slip because I think a lot of people would chose it without! The dress itself is fairly skin tight and she has a wonderful body to show off! I enjoy the silver color against the nude and also her skin tone. The pattern on the silver is different as well and very striking to the eye. I am so happy she chose this!

Well that's it for this week everyone! I hope that you really enjoy this different post instead of beauty related this week! Let me know if you are keen for more!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Goodness chia seed grab and go kit review

Hi everyone!

So today I am so excited to bring to my blog a few items from the goodness range!

I am new to this brand so decided to purchase the grab and go kit which is a great idea to let someone really give the products a go before investing in full sizes. I purchased my set for NZ $24.99.

A bit about the goodness brand if you are not familiar . They are natural & vegan-friendly. Something I love is that they do no animal testing on there products and also made in New Zealand. And they use certified organic chia seed oil which has so many great quality's for your skin! 

Goodness products are available in Australia and New Zealand and I hope eventually they will be available world wide. The people that made this wonderful brand also made the trilogy natural skincare and the Ecoya range. I have never tried the trilogy range but I just adore the Ecoya range, I actually didn't know that they were behind all these different products!

Another thing that really sold me on the goodness range in that they have the NZ best in beauty award. So if all the above things didn't pull you to love them that really should, its a big achievement to have that! 

Below is what I got and how I am finding them so far.

Every Day Cream Cleanser (20ml) 
With all the goodness of apple extract, chia seed, avocado and coconut oils. I really enjoy this as an everyday gentle face wash. I have sensitive skin and have had no issues at all with this.

Every Week Face Scrub (10ml) 
With all the goodness of powdered pumice, chia seed, avocado and coconut oils. I have only tried this twice since purchasing and while its not my favorite product out of the range it is a more gentle exfoliating type face wash I own which is nice for the times when I am having a bad skin flare up and cannot take the more intense products. 

Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil (5ml)
I’ve got the balance of omega 3 to omega 6 essential fatty acids just right. I love this! This is really one of my favorite products I own. I can apply this on its own to hydrate my skin or add it to any moisturiser for that little bit extra I might need.

Every Morning Moisturiser (20ml)
With all the nourishing goodness of bilberry and hibiscus extracts, chia seed, avocado and coconut oils. This is a wonderful moisturiser and I very much enjoy using. It is thin and lightweight so is completely fine to use under makeup and is hydrating enough that it gives me enough to last all day without my skin getting dry and sore.

Every Evening Cream (25ml)
With all the goodness of honeysuckle flower extract, chia seed, avocado and coconut oils. I use this most out of all of the products in this kit. I like to use an oil twice a week on my skin at night time then the rest of the time this is what I use. I find this gives me a lot of hydration to my skin and is great for sensitive skin. 

Visit the goodness natural beauty lab here.

Have you tried this brand or similar products? let me know!

Well that is it for this week!

Have a wonderful week everyone.


Sunday, 11 September 2016

L.A girl pressed powder review

Hi all,

This weeks post is on the L.A Girl pressed powder! This is the cheapest pressed powder I have ever purchased at NZ $9.04 which is an absolute bargain.

L.A girl cosmetics can be purchased all over the world and is a brand that is really starting to make an impact. You can find a product for every step of your makeup look in there range. They are also cruelty free which is great! 

This pressed powder can also be purchased for USD $7 for any American readers. There is also 18 shades in the range which is such a great thing to see a brand do. It can be so hard to find the perfect shade sometimes so that makes it a bit easier.

What I was looking for: The main thing that I look for especially for powders is that it helps reduce shine. Since I have oily skin this is a big thing for me because I do not always want to try and blot and fix up my make up throughout the day. Since this is designed for a matte finish this gets a big tick for what I want!

My first impression: On first application I noticed that the powder is very creamy and silky. It comes with a little puff but I find it evens out my complexion more if applied with a brush and buffing it into my skin. It doesn't appear to clog pores which is an added bonus and looks extremely natural & lightweight so would be great for everyday use. 

Can it be built up? This is another thing that I had to consider. Can it be buildable enough that it can work well for everyday work use. So far its good, I have not used it to a thick coverage but its been very easy to get it to a medium but natural pigment on the skin.
This little compact comes with a puff applicator and a mirror so would also be perfect to keep in your bag. 

If you would like to check out the L.A Girl NZ website click here.

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Do you have a favorite powder or makeup product you cant live without? Let me know below!

That is all this week everyone, have a lovely weekend and week!


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Australis velourlips minis review

Hello all,

This week I wanted to do a review on the Australis Velourlips. I have this collection of mini's to review today! 

Australis is a great brand! Upon finding them in my city I have adored there range and cannot wait to try more products. I am very keen on trying there foundations as I have seen a lot of reviews stating that they are great for sensitive skin and they do have products for matte purposes. Australis does not test on animals and is also Vegan friendly and have no palm oils in there products. I really like this brand not only for its products but for how they are so open and proud of what there brand stands for. Best of all this wonderful brand ships worldwide and is not expensive at all!

There are 24 colours in the Velourlips range which is heaps to chose from, I think everyone would be able to find a number of shades for there own preference.

I have the following colours:

Hon-o-loo-loo - A baby pink
Ho-chee-min - A neon barbie pink
Mil-a-no - A peach orange
Los-angel-es - A light lilac 
Lun-dun - A pink with a purple undertone

What are these? These lip creams are a great concept. They go on as a cream then dry to a matte finish. They are designed for long wear and have a great colour payoff. They apply with a doe foot applicator. These are great if you are wanting an all day look that wont budge and doesn't need a lot of top off and doesn't flake, or cake!

My first impression : The colour is amazing,compared to other products of a similar nature that I have these have a lot of pigment to them. For me these dried out my lips extremely painfully. I was not dehydrated nor did I have sore lips at all so I didn't expect to have any issue with anything matte but these were possibly the most drying lip product I have ever used. The colour looked great on the lips and really pop from far away but I did notice it amplified every single line on my lip, which didn't look that good to me.

A couple of the colours are to intense for me right now but I know I will use them in time.

Scent: These smell like sour lollies, it makes my mouth water!

Although the first few times I have used these they were extremely drying. I have yet to return to these and put chap stick under them for more comfort. At this stage I have other lip products that are not as drying so reaching for these have not been on my to do list.

Would I recommend? Yes! While I found these drying on a couple of different occasions it does not sway my vote of these as a great product. I have heard so many good things about them and I am keen to give them another go.

If you would like to visit the Australis website for all of there awesome products click here.

Also make sure to check out my Instagram.

Do you have a favorite product from this brand?

That is all for now!