Sunday, 31 July 2016

Essence nudes eyeshadow palette review and swatch!

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So sorry this is a later post than normal!

Today's blog post is about the Essence nude eye shadow palette . I am so excited for this one!

So this wonderful palette is one out of two that I purchased. What really sent me to this one is the colors that are in it, I am more of a nude type of color person in eye shadows in a normal day to day basis. 
Palettes can be very expensive, I have looked at so many ranging from Essence & Australis to too faced . While these can all range in there quality of products I hate to spend a lot of money on things, especially when I am unsure if I will like it.

Having sensitive eyes is another issue for me that I have to look at. I find some things from all sorts of brands can really hurt my eyes and I just cant use them. Essence I have never had any issue with when it comes to my eyes so naturally I knew it was a brand I would consider and look at for eye shadow.

I can see myself using this palette so often. I didn't swatch it in store at all so I didn't know what the consistency would be or really what to expect for pigments also.
My first impression when putting my brush into this was oh no, it could be powdery! But once in contact with the skin it is surprisingly creamy.

The pigment is just wonderful, I first started with the shade top row second to the left. I used this as an all over shade then used the darker one right next to it in the outer corner of my eye and my crease.

I then finished with using the bottom row far left in my inner corner to help open my eyes. I found this is perfect as a natural color, easy to use during the day but it totally could be built up into an evening smokey eye look

There is a wonderful website that also stocks Essence as well as a lot of other cosmetic brands that may not be available to you in store, visit Kosmetik4less  here

To view the range of these visit the essence website here . I purchased mine for NZ $9.99 which I think is a really good deal. I even managed to get 20% off at the counter which was a wonderful surprise.

There are 8 colors in each palette. They range from light to dark and depending on which one you pick up will have a range of colors. They also can have a range of matt , shimmering or metallic shades.

Well that is all for tonight!

Have you tried essence palettes? Have you tried the other brands of eye shadow you just love?

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

NYX intense butter gloss swatch and review

Good evening everyone! 

Tonight's post I am so excited for! I am doing my swatch and review of some shades from the NYX intense butter gloss range!

I am so happy I managed to get these , I had chosen these three colors randomly in the hopes I would like them without even testing the shades on my hands!

I adore these. This is the first time I have really tried any type of gloss product as normally I am a matte lip type of person.

The texture is amazing, I find that these hydrate my lips more than some chap sticks that are even designed for hydrating. Although there are slightly sticky on the lips I really do not mind that at all because I love the way they look and how they treat my lips. 

The scent, oh my goodness it is just wonderful. Its like cupcakes or cake batter,seriously one of the best smelling lip products I own. 

I enjoy the pigment that these provide. While a lot of the colors that NYX have I would find to overwhelming on my lips day to day these are not to intense with the color but give me the color lip boost I desire. The color payoff is just stunning.

I purchased mine for $9.65 NZ, which I think is great for a product that is so functional. I keep mine in my bag and have them everywhere I go as I use them everyday, and for me that is a giant sign of adoring a product!

If you are interested in seeing all the shades checkout the NYX website here

There are 24 shades in the range including 12 new shades!

Apple crisp
Apple dumpling
Banana split
Berry strudel
Black cherry tart
Blueberry tart
Cherry custard
Chocolate apple
Chocolate crepe
Cinnamon roll
Cookie butter
Cranberry pie
Funnel Delight
Oatmeal raison
Peanut Brittle
Pink macaroon
Rocky road
Spice cake
Summer fruit
Toasted marshmallow
Tres leches


I love this shade so much, its a great pink nude shade for me as it doesn't come off as bright on my lips than it does on my skin in the below picture. Its great, it goes with majority of my makeup looks!

Tres Leches

This is my favorite shade out of all three I have in my collection. I use this more than any other lip product I own. It is not to overboard that I doesn't suit me and is more on the light side that I can use this functionally with most makeup looks

Chocolate Crepe

I love this color for the gloomy winter days that we are going through. I love to pair it with a more natural lighter foundation look and really let it pop in its wonderful color!

Well that is it for tonight!

If you are as obsessed with nyx as much as I am check out my post on there retractable lip liners here

And also my review on the nyx BB cream here

Have you got these? Whats your favorite nyx product?

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

LA girl Glow blush beauty brick

Hi all!

Today's post is on the LA girl glow blush beauty brick! Such a long title hehe.

So this 'beauty brick' is a great idea with a lot in it! There are four different variations in the beauty brick range, they are:


Each brick contains two blush shades, a bronzer and a highlighter.

I chose the one 'glow' which is designed for people with fair to medium skin shade and for me I thought these colors looked the most functional to my skin tone. When searching I thought this is something I could see myself using everyday.

I got this from the LA girl Makeup NZ website, click here to view!

They do come off slightly powdery when swatched on the fingers but I find that sometimes the best products do that so I didn't want to judge the products just on that. 

Once applied to the face these are wonderful. They are so well pigmented and the color that applys to the face is just so smooth and seamless. 

I purchased mine for NZ $14.99 which I think is a great deal for what you get!

The highlighter is so pretty, its not high shine which is perfect and it gives off this great glow to the skin that does appear almost natural.

I feel I like the middle blush shade most out of the two options, I think its such a great color that compliments my skin!

There is not to much else to say other than this is a great product and at a wonderful price!

I would very much recommend this to anyone who is after something new ,especially with so many options.

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Have you tried the LA girl products? What do you think? Any questions do let me know!


Sunday, 10 July 2016

NYX retractable lip liners - swatch & review

Happy weekend everyone!

Its so chilly here right now, we are right into winter with frosts and cold days! I am needing the heat pump and blankets all the time right now, brrrrr!

So today I am talking about some lip liners I got from the nyx stand when they had there launch in New Zealand. I have talked about this in my previous post on my review about there wonderful BB cream, check it out here!

There are 19 shades in this range and they cover such an amazing spectrum of everyday colours you would require for any situation.

I found that these lip liners are so creamy and make it so easy to create the perfect line that you desire so much when using liners. And the fact that they are a retractable pencil make them that much better, I would chose this type of lip liner as the perfect put in your bag essential beauty staple. No sharpener need, thank goodness! 

I normally use these as a lip liner and pair it with one of my nyx intense lip gloss for the perfect hydrated look that lasts, another review coming your way for the swatches and impressions on those!

The colour payoff is fabulous, I would be able to use this either as just a lip liner or completely over the lip and it would not cause any type of drying or be uncomfortable for hours and hours, and still look just as colourful as when I applied it. 

If you are on Instagram search the hashtag,  #nyxcosmetics , it will show you some more fabulous swatches and reviews on these!

The amazing range has the following colours

Black lips
Dark red
Hot pink
Nude pink
Pinky Beige 
Pretty in Pink
Sand Beige
Soft Pink
Vanilla Sky

I purchased mine for NZ $12.95 each.

To find out more about the nyx retractable lip liners visit there website here

Nectar: This is my favorite all over colour that I like to use out of my selection. It is a perfect colour that gives my lips the perfect not over the top look I love day to day.

Nude Pink : I love this colour as a lip liner to pair with majority of my other lip products. Its a great general colour that works so well with the lip colour types I love to wear.

Natural: Although this colour is a lot more brown tone than what I like to wear this has actually been great. It doesn't look as brown tone on the lips once applied.

Overall I think that these are a must have for anyone. They are well priced, have a great range, and feel great on the lips . These wont break the bank and you will find yourself reaching for them constantly.

That is all for this week, make sure you come back next week for more great things!

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Do you have these in your collection? Id love to hear your favorites. 
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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Rimmel wake me up foundation

Happy Sunday everyone!

This evenings review is on the Rimmel wake me up foundation that I have recently purchased. I have tried and tested it for three straight weeks every single work day (15 days!).

This is wonderful! It is definitely one of the better foundations I have tried. For a long time all I have been using is matte foundations as I thought they would help with my oily skin. But recently I came across mattifying spray and thought, hey maybe I should give normal foundation a go and use a matte setting spray! - review on the setting spray is to come!

So getting back to this foundation. Even though it is winter here in NZ the thought of having a foundation with SPF 15 in it appeals to me right now.

The idea with this foundation is that it is meant to reawaken the skin and give it that nice healthy glow we all want desperately but do not always have, especially when under stress or at work for a long shift!

I found that this foundation not being matte was so different on my skin, it was lovely and smooth to apply and literally takes me only minutes to use on my face and doesn't require a lot of buffing into the skin. The application goes on nice to the skin and gives it a really great smoothing effect.

Also, I found that this is so moisturising also. Normally I find that by the end of the day my makeup is just sliding off my face and if I just even touch my face the makeup would just come off, this is not the case with this. As well as it making my skin feel nourished and soft it doesn't rub off and has amazing pigment to it, it really makes my skin look flawless!

In general I normally wear this foundation as one layer but I have tested to see if I can build on it more. With one layer its light to medium coverage but it is easy to build up to a medium coverage. I have not tried to go past that point as yet!

It also does not make my pores appear larger nor gives me the weird patches on my face or neck where the foundation has separated towards the end of the day.

I have tried this foundation with my normal moisturiser under it, see post here for review and details on my current favorite moisturiser. I have had no issues with that moisturiser, I am interested in testing out my other types also with this to see how it lasts. It seems fine with or without a primer under it and it doesn't seem to change the appearance of the make up or the longevity at all.

I do understand where the name and idea is from for this makeup and I truly believe that this foundation is wonderful. I can see myself repurchasing it in the future, I would recommend this as a great budget foundation for the day to day person that just wants something quick and easy to get there day started. 

I would be interested to hear your opinions on this also! Have you tried the concealer of the same name as well? I think that will be the next product I try from this brand!

Leave your comments below!

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Happy weekend everyone