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Palmers facial wipes & skin therapy oil review

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Today I am writing a review on two products! The Palmers cocoa butter formula cleansing wipes & skin therapy oil.

I have learnt very recently how extremely important it is to look after your skin. It's not something I had ever really thought of at all, I've always moisturized but that's all the care I've really put in. I went through stages of using the facial cleansing and moisturizing products from the store Lush but found no much difference at all for my skin , for the most part they broke me out and caused my skin to be irritated. I adore Lush but I think the brand wasn't right for my skin. I still do use there bath products though!

I have combination skin with a small amount of adult acne, and its not fun at all. I have a good amount of scaring from acne in my youth also.

I had been experiencing my makeup not sitting well on my skin and was so confused as to what was going on ,also I had some random dry patches that just wouldn't leave. How annoying!
My skin always stung and just never felt great and always looked dull.

So upon doing A LOT of research into what's going on and seeing what products my body responded to I found these two items. I'm not new to this brand but have only ever used there body lotions.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter formula Palmer's is a "cruelty free" company and does not conduct product tests on animals.

Facial wipes
The facial wipes are the most expensive ones I've ever purchased. I was to be honest put off by the cost. Not that it's actually THAT expensive at all but I don't like to waste my money at all. But let me tell you , these are so good!
My skin feels so nourished when I use these. I have tried using a different brand in between packs to make sure it is these little gems that are really helping. I have noticed that my skin has had far less breakouts using these. Of course I have added other products to my routine that will be helping but I do solely believe these are helping my skin immensely. Plus also helping the ageing process by keeping my skin hydrated.

Skin therapy oil
The skin therapy oil has been fabulous. I started with a different type of face oil but when I ran out of it I thought well why not try this brand since I was having such a positive results from the wipes.

This oil has been the little extra something my poor skin was requiring. I use it on my face and body. Once a week if not sometimes more when my skin is feel a bit parched I normally add in a good few drops of this to my moisturizer and massage it gently and well into my skin before bed time. That way I feel my skin really soaks it up.
Normally I do this on the weekend and have little sleep in so my skin has it on for much longer than it would on a week night . My skin feels wonderful and refreshed by morning.
This product is also helping the sun damage I have to my nose and forehead as well as the scaring I have with acne plus other injury's that have caused scaring to my face.
I believe it will also help my skin even out the dryness which is turn is causing oiliness.

Both of these products I feel stand up to what they promise and have been one of the best things I have done for my skin. I will also eventually post about a couple of other products I have found that have worked wonders as I have had a big skincare regime update to really look after my skin.

The product description on the Palmers Australian website is:

The natural way to clean makeup and the day's debris off your face, Palmer's Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Wipes are dual textured – one side gently cleanses while the other gently exfoliates.
They effectively remove makeup (even mascara) without alcohol or parabens, while moisturizing with cocoa butter to keep skin soft and supple.

RRP $7.49 (25pk)

The Skin Therapy Oil
A hero product. Oils are taking their pride of place in the sun (or is that on the shelf?) and Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil sits right at the top. This beautifully light oil has been specially formulated to reduce the appearance of scars, spots and stretch marks, while also helping to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It really is a wonder oil that will treat as well as prevent marks all over the body and comes in a great, new pump dispenser. Skin Therapy Oil is paraben and phthalate free.
Great for :
• Scars.
• Stretch Marks. 
• Dry, Damaged Skin.
• Uneven Skin Tone.
• Aging Skin.
RRP $9.99 -60ml, $17.99 -150ml

So that's my thoughts, I really do hope that you find them helpful and really consider giving these products a go!

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