Monday, 23 May 2016

My top 10 favorites from the Billboard music awards 2016!

Hi all,

Well here we are, the Billboard music awards! There are so many things on right now and I am loving it! Here are my 10 fashion picks for this year.


Demi Lovato, 2016 Billboard Music Awards


I really like this for Demi! I like it more than the outfit she picked for the Met Gala. Although normally I would find the eye makeup way to powerful it compliments her outfit so well! I find the bra-let very cute, if there wasn't the lace detailing over her stomach I would hate it but its a really nice point of difference for her outfit!


Ok, this is three in one but oh well! Im not a fan of the outfit Kathryn Hahn is wearing, its just not my thing. In general the cut of the outfit I think suits her but the multi textures and colors I dont like. 

I really like the top half bust of Kristen Bell's outfit. Its very cute and has wonderful detail around the bust that really suits her small frame. I wish there was something more interesting for her pants.

I really like the outfit Mila Kunis is wearing! Its so cute! I feel she can pull this type of outfit where others cant. The detailing is wonderful! Normally I would find the two differences of bust and skirt awful but this really works.


Im not a fan of the pattern of the fabric on this dress. The cutouts look like they may have some sort of light mesh or sheer type fabric on them which I think really works as its not to fleshy that way. I adore the make of this outfit for her body type, it flatters her a lot. I would have loved this in a different pattern. It would look wonderful in red!


On anyone else I would hate this, but on Lucy Hale I really love it! The red of the top really suits her and the fabric is the right sheer that is not to intense or risky. I adore the skirt. I am not a fan of the leotard type look at all but I love this skirt so much that I dont mind. The detail that someone has put into the skirt is just amazing. I like that they have also chosen black, the color combination has worked out so well.


Ok, so this is one of those things I really love AND really hate! I like the idea of this outfit, I like the jacket. I dont like the pants, but only for one reason. They are tucked in/ they have some form of elastic around them. While gathered pants can look really cool, I myself own a pair or two of them this really doesn't look good to me. But on the other side it would look really plain without the gathering. I has a point of difference this way.


As I have found a fair bit throughout this post I am really enjoying peoples choices but I am really hating on the fabric of things. This is one of them. The fabric choice and maybe even color doesnt give this outfit the justice it deserves. She has a really great body and really suits the cut of this outfit but I dont think the shiny fabric suits her well, at least not in this occasion.


Ok I really love this! I dont like her eye makeup, I would have liked more natural makeup with her hair down as that is my favorite type of look from her. I like Jessica in really cute things as she seems to have such a cute personality . So this dress suits her alot! I like the slight sheer / cutout effect of the dress. It doesn't make it to intense but catches your eye!


Is it just me or is this cool? Its so different especially for a women to wear! I like Kesha in purple and her hair its current shade. I like this choice for it being bold and eye catching. I would have liked maybe a different embellishment pattern in the gold, maybe not as much? I dont know, but I really like this choice.


The only downfall in this outfit for me in the shoes. I really like how new and fresh the outfit is. Also I find that its nice and casual to but is very much his style. I am in love with his jacket! The color is awesome!


You guys , I love this! I do find maybe its a bit to much skin but Britney actually pulls this off so well thats its not disgusting. I think for the knickers she could have maybe had something that covered a bit more but the lace pattern of the rest of her outfit covers this nicely. I LOVE the train and the shoes. I think this is most likely one of my most favorite outfits Britney Spears has ever worn!

Ok, thats all for tonight! Hope you are all keeping warm or staying cool wherever you are reading this from!


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