Sunday, 3 July 2016

Rimmel wake me up foundation

Happy Sunday everyone!

This evenings review is on the Rimmel wake me up foundation that I have recently purchased. I have tried and tested it for three straight weeks every single work day (15 days!).

This is wonderful! It is definitely one of the better foundations I have tried. For a long time all I have been using is matte foundations as I thought they would help with my oily skin. But recently I came across mattifying spray and thought, hey maybe I should give normal foundation a go and use a matte setting spray! - review on the setting spray is to come!

So getting back to this foundation. Even though it is winter here in NZ the thought of having a foundation with SPF 15 in it appeals to me right now.

The idea with this foundation is that it is meant to reawaken the skin and give it that nice healthy glow we all want desperately but do not always have, especially when under stress or at work for a long shift!

I found that this foundation not being matte was so different on my skin, it was lovely and smooth to apply and literally takes me only minutes to use on my face and doesn't require a lot of buffing into the skin. The application goes on nice to the skin and gives it a really great smoothing effect.

Also, I found that this is so moisturising also. Normally I find that by the end of the day my makeup is just sliding off my face and if I just even touch my face the makeup would just come off, this is not the case with this. As well as it making my skin feel nourished and soft it doesn't rub off and has amazing pigment to it, it really makes my skin look flawless!

In general I normally wear this foundation as one layer but I have tested to see if I can build on it more. With one layer its light to medium coverage but it is easy to build up to a medium coverage. I have not tried to go past that point as yet!

It also does not make my pores appear larger nor gives me the weird patches on my face or neck where the foundation has separated towards the end of the day.

I have tried this foundation with my normal moisturiser under it, see post here for review and details on my current favorite moisturiser. I have had no issues with that moisturiser, I am interested in testing out my other types also with this to see how it lasts. It seems fine with or without a primer under it and it doesn't seem to change the appearance of the make up or the longevity at all.

I do understand where the name and idea is from for this makeup and I truly believe that this foundation is wonderful. I can see myself repurchasing it in the future, I would recommend this as a great budget foundation for the day to day person that just wants something quick and easy to get there day started. 

I would be interested to hear your opinions on this also! Have you tried the concealer of the same name as well? I think that will be the next product I try from this brand!

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Happy weekend everyone


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