Sunday, 17 July 2016

LA girl Glow blush beauty brick

Hi all!

Today's post is on the LA girl glow blush beauty brick! Such a long title hehe.

So this 'beauty brick' is a great idea with a lot in it! There are four different variations in the beauty brick range, they are:


Each brick contains two blush shades, a bronzer and a highlighter.

I chose the one 'glow' which is designed for people with fair to medium skin shade and for me I thought these colors looked the most functional to my skin tone. When searching I thought this is something I could see myself using everyday.

I got this from the LA girl Makeup NZ website, click here to view!

They do come off slightly powdery when swatched on the fingers but I find that sometimes the best products do that so I didn't want to judge the products just on that. 

Once applied to the face these are wonderful. They are so well pigmented and the color that applys to the face is just so smooth and seamless. 

I purchased mine for NZ $14.99 which I think is a great deal for what you get!

The highlighter is so pretty, its not high shine which is perfect and it gives off this great glow to the skin that does appear almost natural.

I feel I like the middle blush shade most out of the two options, I think its such a great color that compliments my skin!

There is not to much else to say other than this is a great product and at a wonderful price!

I would very much recommend this to anyone who is after something new ,especially with so many options.

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Have you tried the LA girl products? What do you think? Any questions do let me know!


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