Sunday, 31 July 2016

Essence nudes eyeshadow palette review and swatch!

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So sorry this is a later post than normal!

Today's blog post is about the Essence nude eye shadow palette . I am so excited for this one!

So this wonderful palette is one out of two that I purchased. What really sent me to this one is the colors that are in it, I am more of a nude type of color person in eye shadows in a normal day to day basis. 
Palettes can be very expensive, I have looked at so many ranging from Essence & Australis to too faced . While these can all range in there quality of products I hate to spend a lot of money on things, especially when I am unsure if I will like it.

Having sensitive eyes is another issue for me that I have to look at. I find some things from all sorts of brands can really hurt my eyes and I just cant use them. Essence I have never had any issue with when it comes to my eyes so naturally I knew it was a brand I would consider and look at for eye shadow.

I can see myself using this palette so often. I didn't swatch it in store at all so I didn't know what the consistency would be or really what to expect for pigments also.
My first impression when putting my brush into this was oh no, it could be powdery! But once in contact with the skin it is surprisingly creamy.

The pigment is just wonderful, I first started with the shade top row second to the left. I used this as an all over shade then used the darker one right next to it in the outer corner of my eye and my crease.

I then finished with using the bottom row far left in my inner corner to help open my eyes. I found this is perfect as a natural color, easy to use during the day but it totally could be built up into an evening smokey eye look

There is a wonderful website that also stocks Essence as well as a lot of other cosmetic brands that may not be available to you in store, visit Kosmetik4less  here

To view the range of these visit the essence website here . I purchased mine for NZ $9.99 which I think is a really good deal. I even managed to get 20% off at the counter which was a wonderful surprise.

There are 8 colors in each palette. They range from light to dark and depending on which one you pick up will have a range of colors. They also can have a range of matt , shimmering or metallic shades.

Well that is all for tonight!

Have you tried essence palettes? Have you tried the other brands of eye shadow you just love?

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