Sunday, 24 July 2016

NYX intense butter gloss swatch and review

Good evening everyone! 

Tonight's post I am so excited for! I am doing my swatch and review of some shades from the NYX intense butter gloss range!

I am so happy I managed to get these , I had chosen these three colors randomly in the hopes I would like them without even testing the shades on my hands!

I adore these. This is the first time I have really tried any type of gloss product as normally I am a matte lip type of person.

The texture is amazing, I find that these hydrate my lips more than some chap sticks that are even designed for hydrating. Although there are slightly sticky on the lips I really do not mind that at all because I love the way they look and how they treat my lips. 

The scent, oh my goodness it is just wonderful. Its like cupcakes or cake batter,seriously one of the best smelling lip products I own. 

I enjoy the pigment that these provide. While a lot of the colors that NYX have I would find to overwhelming on my lips day to day these are not to intense with the color but give me the color lip boost I desire. The color payoff is just stunning.

I purchased mine for $9.65 NZ, which I think is great for a product that is so functional. I keep mine in my bag and have them everywhere I go as I use them everyday, and for me that is a giant sign of adoring a product!

If you are interested in seeing all the shades checkout the NYX website here

There are 24 shades in the range including 12 new shades!

Apple crisp
Apple dumpling
Banana split
Berry strudel
Black cherry tart
Blueberry tart
Cherry custard
Chocolate apple
Chocolate crepe
Cinnamon roll
Cookie butter
Cranberry pie
Funnel Delight
Oatmeal raison
Peanut Brittle
Pink macaroon
Rocky road
Spice cake
Summer fruit
Toasted marshmallow
Tres leches


I love this shade so much, its a great pink nude shade for me as it doesn't come off as bright on my lips than it does on my skin in the below picture. Its great, it goes with majority of my makeup looks!

Tres Leches

This is my favorite shade out of all three I have in my collection. I use this more than any other lip product I own. It is not to overboard that I doesn't suit me and is more on the light side that I can use this functionally with most makeup looks

Chocolate Crepe

I love this color for the gloomy winter days that we are going through. I love to pair it with a more natural lighter foundation look and really let it pop in its wonderful color!

Well that is it for tonight!

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Have you got these? Whats your favorite nyx product?

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