Sunday, 4 September 2016

Australis velourlips minis review

Hello all,

This week I wanted to do a review on the Australis Velourlips. I have this collection of mini's to review today! 

Australis is a great brand! Upon finding them in my city I have adored there range and cannot wait to try more products. I am very keen on trying there foundations as I have seen a lot of reviews stating that they are great for sensitive skin and they do have products for matte purposes. Australis does not test on animals and is also Vegan friendly and have no palm oils in there products. I really like this brand not only for its products but for how they are so open and proud of what there brand stands for. Best of all this wonderful brand ships worldwide and is not expensive at all!

There are 24 colours in the Velourlips range which is heaps to chose from, I think everyone would be able to find a number of shades for there own preference.

I have the following colours:

Hon-o-loo-loo - A baby pink
Ho-chee-min - A neon barbie pink
Mil-a-no - A peach orange
Los-angel-es - A light lilac 
Lun-dun - A pink with a purple undertone

What are these? These lip creams are a great concept. They go on as a cream then dry to a matte finish. They are designed for long wear and have a great colour payoff. They apply with a doe foot applicator. These are great if you are wanting an all day look that wont budge and doesn't need a lot of top off and doesn't flake, or cake!

My first impression : The colour is amazing,compared to other products of a similar nature that I have these have a lot of pigment to them. For me these dried out my lips extremely painfully. I was not dehydrated nor did I have sore lips at all so I didn't expect to have any issue with anything matte but these were possibly the most drying lip product I have ever used. The colour looked great on the lips and really pop from far away but I did notice it amplified every single line on my lip, which didn't look that good to me.

A couple of the colours are to intense for me right now but I know I will use them in time.

Scent: These smell like sour lollies, it makes my mouth water!

Although the first few times I have used these they were extremely drying. I have yet to return to these and put chap stick under them for more comfort. At this stage I have other lip products that are not as drying so reaching for these have not been on my to do list.

Would I recommend? Yes! While I found these drying on a couple of different occasions it does not sway my vote of these as a great product. I have heard so many good things about them and I am keen to give them another go.

If you would like to visit the Australis website for all of there awesome products click here.

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Do you have a favorite product from this brand?

That is all for now!