Sunday, 28 August 2016

Setting sprays: NYX vs L.A girl

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Welcome all to my blog! Today's post is something a little different that I am interested in maybe doing more often. It may be products with similar uses or even dupes of makeup products!

This weeks post is going to be about two matte setting sprays I have come across recently, maybe one or even both will be available to you in your city! 

Nyx matte finish long lasting setting spray vs L.A girl pro H.D setting spray with matte finish.

Nyx: available in a matte and dewy finish spray
L.A girl: Available in a matte finish spray

Nyx's promises : Demand perfection! For that fresh makeup look that lasts, the NYX Makeup Setting Spray - Matte is a gorgeous shine-free matte finish that is lightweight and comfortable while working hard to make sure your makeup stays put.

L.A girl's promises: To keep that matte finish of freshly applied makeup, mist evenly with PRO Setting Spray after makeup has been applied. The lightweight, non-sticky formula sets makeup for all day wear. The ultra-fine mist is refreshing and dries quickly setting makeup to help you stay beautiful longer. Paraben and fragrance free.Helps keep makeup last longer. Natural matte finish

Nyx: $19.45 NZD 60ml
L.A girl: $15.99 NZD 30ml

I have worn both of these setting sprays ALOT , every day that I have worn makeup have had one of these on also.
My aim to be able to find products that are similar in price and similar in function as I know completely what it is like to not be able to find products you desperately want in your city but do not like the thought of purchasing things online that you do not know what are like. Keep in mind these are just my own thoughts and you will also be able to find many a reviews on these products!

I managed to get the smaller sized sample of this setting spray at a Nyx launch and I felt so lucky! This spray sits wet on the skin for about 1 minute then it sets on the face unnoticeable. I find it does make a difference in my makeup that it looks matte once this is dry on the face. During the day it takes about 5 hours then I notice I am getting oily again around the t-zone. A quick blot and touch up with some form of matte power and my face is back to being matte again. Towards the end of the day after 9 hours use I still have majority of the makeup I started on with which is amazing. This helps the longevity of my makeup more than anything else I have used.
To view this setting spray click here

L.A girl
I purchased this right after I received my Nyx setting spray as I was very curious about other setting sprays and this was on sale so I thought well why not! I enjoy this spray a lot, it takes a bit longer to set on my face , about 3 minutes. When it drys it is completely unnoticeable visibly and also to touch. It takes about 3 hours before I notice that I am getting oily again so I blot and touch up as normal but need to do so another 3 hours later. I normally wont blot more than twice a day as I do not have time at work to do that! At the 9 hour mark what I am at home I do not have as much makeup left as I would using the Nyx setting spray but still more than what I would have without any setting spray at all. So in my books this is completely still worth getting.
To view this setting spray online click here

Overall comparison:
Both setting sprays boast the same promises about making your makeup last longer, stay matte & perfectly lightweight to make your face feel just as comfortable as it was without the setting spray. Both to me do all of the things promised, one maybe has some other ingredients to help with the shine free aspect but other than that these are extremely similar. The Nyx is technically cheaper per ml but if you are looking to spend as little money as possible right now then the l.a girl setting spray would be your choice. 

I love what both of these do for me, I use them both equally as I enjoy what outcome they both have . I would repurchase both but will most likely get just what I run out of first and stick with that from now on. 

Have you got products you love that you would love me to find a comparison or dupe for? I would love to find more things so let me know!

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That is all for now everyone! Have a lovely week