Sunday, 7 August 2016

Rimmel wake me up concealer swatch & review

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today's blog post is on the Rimmel London wake me up concealer, this is to pair up with the Rimmel London wake me up foundation. I have done a review on that to, check it out here.

This concealers promise is to give full coverage that visibly reawakens and illuminates under the eyes. It is meant to conceal spots and blemishes, have an anti-fatigue effect and moisturising.

To see more about this Rimmel concealer follow the link here

I purchased mine for NZ$18.99, which I feel is a lot for a drug store brand, but if it works you totally would spend that for a wonderful product.

I find that this on me doesn't conceal my spots, at least using one layer. I have not tried using it more than once on a spot or blemish so that will be something to try one day. Hiding my blemishes doesn't fully concern me as I do not go for a full face of makeup . I just prefer to take out a bit of the redness and help even out my complexion.

I do find that my skin looks reawakened when using this product. I really do like that about this product. It really did interest me when purchasing this.

Compared to my natural skin on a day to day basis I feel that this does help provide an anti fatigue effect, which goes along with it being reawakened. 

I think this concealer does do what it is promised. When it comes to its main promise of helping you look awakened and fresh for the day I feel it has that feature on top of all the other concealers on the market.

I get a lot of creasing under my eyes when using concealers. Its been a real battle to find a product that doesn't do that to me. So far this has helped. I believe my under eyes are dehydrated which is not helping with the creasing so this concealer is perfect for hydrating the area and not balling up during the day under the eyes.

As for if I would repurchase, I am very undecided. I feel it does help with those bad days when I look tired but it does not do what I need a concealer to do for me everyday. 

I would purchase this to add with a more high coverage & moisturising concealer. Use it to highlight under my eyes and other parts of the face. I wouldn't chose it for if I am having a heavy breakout to cover. 

Well that is it for tonight! See you all next week!

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Have you tried this concealer? Or have a magic all in one concealer you use? I would love to hear if you have had wonderful concealer that has worked well for you.



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