Sunday, 14 August 2016

Essence make me brow review

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have spent this weekend finally making some online purchases I have been meaning to place for months now but I get so confused by international shipping! Fingers crossed it gets here and then I can blog my experience!

This weeks post is on the Essence make me brow, my first ever eyebrow gel mascara. If you have followed my blog or Instagram you will already know my passion for adorable beauty products and my love for prettiness. I adore all things Essence. If you are new, welcome! 

A bit about my skin : I have sensitive skin, I have found a good amount of beauty products that either break me out or cause some form of irritation. I love natural makeup that can be buildable when needed and my main focus is for things to be comfortable, functional and have great longevity. I will purchase makeup in mind of what I can use on a daily basis and wear to work. 

Now for the makeup!

First a bit about Essence itself!

Essence cosmetics focus's on great quality into there products that are very budget friendly , what I love about this brand is that instead of focusing on ad campaigns they use there time and money into making great quality products that are made in Europe. I love that Essence also provides lists of there product ingredients. You can find the ingredient list online and if you are lucky enough to have an essence stand in your town they will also have a booklet there that you can check out for ingredients. A great way to find out if there is something specific that your body doesn't seem to like! They are also cruelty free, one very important thing.

I first purchased the blondy brows shade because I really do not like dark eyebrows on myself. I have naturally dark brown eyebrows that I have never liked! I find if they are shaded in to dark its to overpowering on my face. With eyebrow pencils I have always chosen dark blonde shades instead of a shade that directly matches my hair. While I currently use the Essence Dark blonde eyebrow pencil this blonde gel eyebrow mascara didn't work the same in my eyebrows. It worked in the sense of keeping my eyebrows in place but didn't work in any way to fill them.

Then I tried the browny brows shade. When I first put this on I got a bit of a fright as it was so so dark, more dark than anything I have used. After combing this through with the wand and not adding in extra product I really loved the way this looked. 

I love this eyebrow mascara, it provides great natural looking color and helps give density and helps shapes the brows without the full brow effect. It has little fibers that help with patchy eyebrows and give you that little boost you need.

Of course this is not the best of swatches but to try get a smooth swatch with a mascara wand I think is near impossible!

This Essence make me brow helped to make my brows look less patchy but not filled in at all, if I am going from a natural look I would pick this compared to a full brow fill in look that I might go for if I was wearing foundation, rather than BB cream.

I purchased each of these for NZ $5.65 , compared to the other brands I have seen around I think this is a crazy good cost!

If you would like to visit the Essence website, click here. There are so many great products on there its very much worth a look. If you do not have Essence around make sure to check out kosmetik4less as they ship to a lot of places and have so many great budget brands.

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That is all for this week wonderful people!


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