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NYX blush and contour duo palette

Hi All,

Today I bring to my wonderful blog the Nyx blush and contour duo palette. 

There are 6 Shades available and it costs around $9 US. They range from the following duos:
Cheek on Cheek
Double date
Perfect match
Two to tango
Ginger & pepper
Wine & dine

To see the stunning range of colors visit the Nyx website cheek contour duo's here .

I have the shade Wine & dine which is the darkest out of all choices. The blush is a wonderful cool toned deep pink and the contour is a lovely dark brown that is perfect for winter and gives a beautiful cool tone touch to the face when applied.

This is my everyday go to, I would chose it on top of any other blush or contour I have currently in my stash. Originally I thought I suited the lighter shades available but upon scoring this sample as a freebie at a Nyx launch I actually think that this type of cool tone shade suits me more than anything warm least at the moment.

I have very fair skin as you can probably notice in these pictures. So I do not use a lot in general of any blush or contour as I do not want to appear like a monster to people!

This is a very natural looking combo when applied to the face, It is very hard to muck it up. While I have maybe the darkest of shades in the range I feel this is perfect, really any of the other shades would be to! If I had to choose another duo for myself I would choose the two for tango, its a wonderful neutral shade of colors that I think would work well to give me a golden glow!

A bit about the company itself!
Nyx started in 1999 by the founder Toni Ko. Originally available to professionals at trade shows. Slowly being based in LA they managed to get into the makeup artist community and films and built up all the way to today. Nyx moved to Loreal in 2014 and are now stocked at all sorts of stores like target, ulta, farmers (NZ) Priceline (AUS). Not to mention all the online product available everywhere.While they have only launched in New Zealand and Australia in the last few months they have really made a big splash for us. I was finding it extremely hard to find what I wanted and stay in budget without shopping online and spending my life savings in shipping!

Something I love about Nyx is that they do not stay quiet on there upcoming products, they let us have plenty sneak peaks and opportunity to see whats on its way. Nyx has a great relationship with Bloggers and youtube professionals. They even go to the extent of bringing wonderful people like us all to come and have a little look at new products and give there honest opinion as the rest of us would to really bring out what we are wanting right now. Its a great way to have a quick test to see what pigment and payoff is like. 

From what I have researched and observed I think Nyx focuses a lot more of the quality and affordability of there products rather than the packaging. While the packaging is still completely eye pleasing and so easy and functional at such a great cost you cannot expect everything to be high end and great! I do not know about you but I would 100% choose affordability and quality over packaging everyday.

Something I have really taken an interest in this year is the Face awards (Fine artistry of cosmetic Elites Awards) I would adore to be involved in this one day ( this little blogger can only dream!) . These awards started in 2012 and are extremely popular among the blogger and youtube community. And plus, if you have a look at it , it is a wonderful way to get great promotion from your brand! If you do not know much about it this is how it goes! This is an annual event. Youtubers and bloggers make content online with tutorials (and much more) using products in a unique way . There are rounds of challenges set by Nyx , at the end of it all an award show is held to give the winner a $25,000 prize. There are also 5 finalists who get $1,000 worth of Nyx products!

What we are seeing that is extremely hot right now from Nyx: So many colorful lipsticks! 2016 is really showing us a lot of colorful lips, blue, green...everything! There seems to be hundreds of shades expanded over different products out at the moment by Nyx.

Have you tried this duo palette? Do you have your favorite blush or contour that you must use everyday? 

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Well that is the lot of this week! Be sure to pop back next week for more! P.s I will have some truly amazing products coming up within the next few months!

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