Sunday, 8 May 2016

Radio Disney music awards fashion, what I liked and disliked

Hi all!, 

A bit late to the game on this on but this is my likes and dislikes for the Radio Disney Music Awards 2016- fashion addition! I have of course only selected a few so that we are not here all day! 


Gwen Stefani - I love her hair, I always have! Although I am not to impressed by the pattern of the dress, she is a wonderful body and I love all of the old things that she used to wear in the harajuku days like: 

 Obviously this was a while ago now but it is my fondest fashion memories of here and I would totally love if she dressed like this again! Nothing wrong with it :p


Flo Rida.Hmmm this one is hard. I cant decide if I like it or hate it! I am unsure about the pants length but if they were full length then I do not think he could wear the shoes....I like the shoes, there shiny and seem to make him happy.


 Veronica Dunne. I really like this outfit! I think the color of the pants really suit her skin color and soften up the black of the top and jacket. And I think it was a really good choice to have hair long hair down. My favorite so far! 

 Hailee Steinfeld - While I do not know Hailee Steinfeld as much I know of her name so I expected a more wow of an outfit for her. Although this look can be flattering I think its almost to dull for her, like she was trying to hide in the shadows. Even just a bit more color would be nice! Im not fond of the detailing at the bottom of the dress, looks like they ran out of fabric and this was all they could find before making it into a mini dress.


Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, Camila Capello . Of Fifth Harmony. I find this all together a very odd mixture. I do not mind all of them individually but if your in a group shouldn't it be that your outfits compliment each other to a point? I guess at least the colors flow? 


DNCE. I have no clue at all who these people are.... and I really do not like the clothing that they are wearing. Looks like they went op shopping in a bad way. Good on them though, they look happy. 


Pete Wentz & Andy Hurley . Pete Wentz...looks like he forgot that he was attending an event and got ready 10 minutes before he had to be there so quickly put on some clothes. I would have expected maybe a bit more effort into the fashion choices when attending anything of this nature. Andy Hurley, I do not mind the outfit choice, in general it would be a nice outfit during the day doing normal things. Maybe not for the awards though.


Kira Kosarin. I really like this! Its still very fashionable to have cutouts or two piece outfits with a lot of stomach showing!. I like this trend (I would never wear it myself - I like cake to much) But this is cute! The softness tones of the color suit her light skin and her makeup isn't overdone so it makes her look fresh , cute and happy.


Megan Nicole. I had to put this is, omg I do not mind this at all. I think its more suited for maybe something fancy dress not the awards but still, I do not mind it! Looks really just like a maids outfit with tulle. 

Ok , that is it for today. Short and sweet. Hope you enjoy and see you next time!

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