Saturday, 29 August 2015

Teen choice awards -men

Hi All! Sorry its been a bit longer than planned since I have posted! I thought I would at least finish up what I had already started! So here is my opinion on the mens fashion choices for the recent teen choice awards event!

 Michael J. Willett , ok so I have no idea who this person is at all but I am not fond of there outfit! Its just a bit to much black for me. Just my opinion but I love at least some sort of pop of colour in outfits..especially when its comes to wearing black.

 Skylar Astin , I love this! The only thing I would change would be the length of the pants! Everything else is great, I like the jacket, the shades of colour compliment each other.

 Josh Peck. This outfit would have been completely fine , if it was not all matching. I think with Suits the only time matching really works is for black suits. I would have changed the shade if not the colour of the pants!

 Nash Grier , I hate this outfit! I understand how it could be seen as fashionable as its a bit 90's and worn features are a 'thing' right now. I will never wear this type of fashion, ever.

 Austin Mahone , I have like this half don't. If the jacket and top maybe were not as long maybe it would have looked really nice and relaxed. Even though I am all for the longer outfits (More so dresses/tunics) it still needs to be a good look!
 Wiz Khalifa , NO NO NO. Just NO. I don't need to say more.

 Flo Rida , I don't know whats going on here with a lot of people, maybe its me but seriously whats going on with everyone's outfits! I super hate the pants!

John Stamos, 2015 Teen Choice Awards John Stamos , I like this for more of a weekend style out and about look. Not really for something like an event. Even from what I can see its a relaxed fun event , you should still not look like you are going to the supermarket.

 Jason Derulo , I do like this apart from the trim on the jacket. Everything else (apart from the pants length) I do like!

 Gregg Sulkin , No idea who this is at all but my favorite so far. Everything goes really well together! No bad comment at all!

Hope you all enjoy this, come back for more over the next week! Check out my other posts and let me know what you think as you go! 


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